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EntertainmentJK Rowling rules on five-year-old Potter bet made in Florida

JK Rowling rules on five-year-old Potter bet made in Florida

JK ROWLING has ruled on a five-year-old bet made by one of her fans over the “8th Harry Potter book”.

Victoria Green bet her science teacher Robert Hernandez in 2011 that there would not be a new Harry Potter book by the time she finished college.

The loser of the bet was required to contact the winner and proclaim them “Mighty” in a way that was “not sarcastic, demeaning or contradictory.”

Rowling this week announced there would be printed and digital versions of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Rowling continues strenuously to deny fans’ claims the play is a prequel novel.

Victoria, from Florida, has now finished college and reckons Mr Hernandez lost the bet because there is no new novel.

Mr Hernandez apparently dug his heels in and insisted that the book of the play was a new novel.

The contract the pair drew up
The contract the pair drew up

So Victoria called in the ultimate authority and posted a photo of the signed bet on Twitter asking Rowling to adjudicate.

Victoria wrote: “My chemistry teacher & I have a 2011 bet to settle. With “Cursed Child,” who wins? Only you can decide. “

She told Rowling: “He thinks he’s “Mighty.” I think script = #NotANovel .”

Rowling responded: “You win! #CursedChild is a play and while we have worked very closely on it, the wonderful writer is @jackthorne .”

Victoria has yet to reply to the news, but Adriyanna Zimmermann ?wrote: “Ha ha that is awesome!”

And Heather Martin-Goff ?confirmed: “You win, she didn’t write it and it’s not a novel!”

The writer has already repeatedly had to clarify that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, set 19 years after the novels, is a play.

Internet rumours had called it the “eighth Harry Potter tale.”

She wrote earlier on [email protected] “To be clear! The SCRIPT of #CursedChild is being published. #NotANovel #NotAPrequel.”

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