Monday, May 16, 2022
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“Trump” cloud appears over Scotland

A PICTURE of a grumpy-looking face in a cloud has prompted online speculation that Donald Trump has returned to Scotland.

Julia McBeath Alexander from Gairloch in the Scottish Highlands snapped the image showing the enormous face yesterday.

Frowning eyebrows, a wide nose, puffy cheeks and a stern mouth can be seen above the village of Laide.

Trump's face seemed to appear in the clouds
Trump’s face seemed to appear in the clouds

The photo was immediately liked by over one thousand followers and shared 60 times within 24 hours.

And nearly 100 amused viewers left comments deliberating over who they believe the giant cloud resembles.

Alex Watt simply wrote: “Donald Trump.”

Janette Anderson Johnson joked: “Beautiful but no Donald Trump – Donald is not white, he’s orange.”

Maggie McGurn wasn’t sure about the Trump likeness but was thinking along presidential lines, writing: “Mount Rushmore springs to mind.”

Other suggestions included Mustafa from the Lion King, Thomas the Tank Engine and Santa.

Asked if the picture had been Photoshopped, Julia said: “It’s real. I was photographing the sheep then looked up at the clouds and it was there.

“Haven’t learnt how to Photoshop yet.”

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