Video shows HGV reversing against Forth Road Bridge traffic


A VIDEO shows the moment a lorry driver reversed up one of the busiest dual carriageways in Scotland – just yards from the Forth Road Bridge.

HGV crossings have been restricted on the bridge since it closed for repair last year amid fears that large loads could cause further damage.

But it appears that one trucker failed to notice the various signs telling HGVs to take alternate routes until it was too late.

But rather than wait for help the drivers begins to reverse, forcing traffic to swerve around him.

The scene ends with a police car arriving with its blue lights on and it appears that no one was injured.

The incident is believed to have happened on Tuesday morning near the exit to North Queensferry.

The clip was uploaded online by Fife man Christopher Bain – and has since been viewed some 22,000 times.

Mr Bain captioned his clip: “Couldn’t believe what I was watching this morning”.

“He was just about to cause a pileup at one point.”

Some of the viewers seemed to have also witnessed the blunder firsthand.

Vicki Murphy commented on the video: “I passed him going to work.

“He was swaying all over the shop with the wind. I knew he was headed for bridge – he mustn’t have understood signs. Deary me.”

But others were less sympathetic.

The truck can clearly be seen moving backwards

Pat Payne said: “Idiot. Did he not see the signs saying the bridge is closed to HGVs/LGVs?

“If not he shouldn’t be on the road.”

Some seemed to speculate that the driver could have been foreign – and may not have understood the signs.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We attended this incident and our enquiries into this matter are ongoing.”

The Forth Road Bridge was closed to all traffic between December 4 and 23 after a major structural fault was discovered.

When the bridge was reopened HGVs remained banned until February 4 – when a limited trial allowed trucks to cross very late at night and in the early hours.

Two days ago transport bosses announced that these hours would be extended – allowing HGVs to cross between 11pm and 5.30am – but they remain banned at peak hours.

Speaking on the announcement transport minister Derek Mackay said: “The HGV trial has been running for more than a week now and our careful monitoring shows that we can now allow more vehicles across the bridge.

“All indications are that we are on track for the full re-opening soon and we will continue to explore options to allow as many HGVs as possible to use the crossing in the meantime.”