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Scottish National Front back Trump at his Scots golf course

THE Donald Trump organisation has condemned the Scottish National Front after they turned up at his Aberdeenshire golf resort to back the tycoon’s bid for the US presidency.

Members of the far-right group posed outside the Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire with a banner stating they supported his bid for the White House.

The Scottish National Front said they agreed with Trump’s incendiary remarks about banning Muslims from entering the US and building a wall along the border with Mexico.

But a spokesman for Trump branded the actions of the group “opportunistic” and insisted they had not accepted any endorsements from them.

Three men posed next to the sign at the golf course
Three men posed next to the sign at the golf course

A post on social media by the National Front Scotland shows three men posing next to the sign at the entrance of the course on Sunday.

Wearing jeans and baseball caps, they are pictured holding a large black banner with a photo of Donald Trump’s face.

It reads: “National Front Scotland supports Donald Trump for president. Keep the United States safe!”

The National Front is known for far-right views on race and immigration, including a policy of expelling all “non whites” from the UK. The Scottish branch describe themselves as “White racial nationalists”.

A spokeswoman at Trump International Golf Links, Scotland, said: “Firstly, we are not a political organisation and the UK has nothing to do with US politics.

“This is nothing more than an opportunistic attempt to gain publicity off the back of Mr Trump’s highly successful presidential campaign.

“The Trump Organisation has not accepted any endorsements from groups of this kind.”

Donald Trump has faced a worldwide backlash during his campaign over his opposition to Muslims and Mexicans being allowed into America.

Dave Macdonald, the Aberdeenshire-based chairman of the UK National Front, is among the men in the photograph.


He said: “The one thing we don’t agree with is the outpouring of abuse towards Donald Trump regarding some of his controversial comments.

“The main thing is the Scottish Government coming out in favour of him being banned, which we thought was a disgrace considering his millions of investment he’s brought to Scotland. “

Asked if he agreed with Mr Trump’s controversial comments about Muslims and Mexicans, he said: “Oh yes.

“The wall would be more difficult, it would cost a lot of money. As regards the other issue, it would be easier to do because you would just stop them coming into the country full stop.”

“I don’t agree with all the stuff he comes out with, especially the stuff about people with disabilities. But some of the other stuff, yes.”

Ironically, the National Front supporters ended up chatting to an “African American” security guard outside the golf course.

“The security officer, said he was going to make sure it was passed through the network that there was support from Scotland,” said Mr Macdonald.

“He was African American. We had a bit of a chat with him actually. I actually took a photo of him on his phone.

“We have our policies regarding immigration and repatriation but it wouldn’t stop us making conversation with these people.”

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