Couple hunt mobile lost on wedding day containing pics of tragic son


A GRIEVING couple are desperately trying to find a mobile phone containing dozens of photographs of their tragic son – after losing it on their wedding day.

Shaheen and Craig Blackie, from Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, lost their son Zach to meningitis when he was just 12 days old.

Since his death in August last year, they have been slowly coming to terms with their loss and decided to get married at the Angel’s Hotel, Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, on Thursday.

The Facebook post which has already been shared hundreds of times
The Facebook post which has already been shared hundreds of times

But just when they should have been celebrating the pair were dealt a massive blow – when they realised Craig had lost his mobile phone during the celebrations.

Shaheen, 25, has now taken to Facebook in a desperate bid to track down the mobile phone and the pictures which “mean the world” to the couple.

Her post, which has been shared over 600 times in two hours, reads: “Craig lost his phone last night in Angels. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Mini.

Shaheen with Zach shortly after he had been born
Shaheen with Zach shortly after he had been born

“It’s not in the best condition but the phone has all his pictures of our son Zach who we sadly lost in August.

“These pictures mean the world to Craig. The screensaver is the picture below and the normal screen is the scan picture.

“If anyone finds this please please please contact me.”

She also uploaded a photograph of her son, taken a few days after he was born, which shows him wrapped up in a white blanket.

Concerned family and friends shared the post and assured Shaheen that they would soon be reunited with the phone.

The phone was lost on Shaheen and Craig's wedding day
The phone was lost on Shaheen and Craig’s wedding day

Charlene Curran, a close friend, shared the plea on the Angel Hotel’s Facebook page and wrote: “They only just got married yesterday. The phone holds so much sentimental value as you can imagine. Facebook is quite good to get things like this returned so fingers crossed.”

Speaking from her home in Bellshill, Shaheen’s mother, Naheed McQuade, said: “They just got married yesterday and lost the phone at the wedding.

“They realised last night and called the hotel straight away but nobody had handed it in.

“They’re off to Loch Lomond now for their honeymoon and they just hope that someone will find it.”

Zach tragically died from meningitis, which Shaheen says could have been prevented
Zach tragically died from meningitis, which Shaheen says could have been prevented

Speaking from her honeymoon at Loch Lomond, Shaheen said: “We didn’t realise Craig had lost his phone until we got in the taxi to go home.

“The last time he had it was when we texted everyone to tell them we had got married – nobody knew about it and only our parents were there.

“We’re desperate to get it back because it has so many photographs on it. I think we tried to install some backing-up software when Craig got it but we’re not sure if it worked.

“It’s a blue Samsung with a black cover. Hopefully someone will spot it and hand it in.”

Craig, 33, and Shaheen wed after being together for over three years, and on Thursday friends congratulated Shaheen on social media and told her that she made a “stunning” bride.


The wedding had been something for the couple to look forward to after the tragedy which hit them last year.

Their son’s meningitis was triggered by Strep B, an infection which could have been easily treated if Shaheen had been given an inexpensive swab test while pregnant.

When Zach fell ill, they were initially advised that he was suffering from colic, but he was then diagnosed with bacterial meningitis and died shortly afterwards.

Since his death, his parents have been trying to raise awareness to prevent other families from suffering a similar tragedy.

Shaheen also launched a petition to ensure that all pregnant women receive information about the infection and are given the option to be tested.