Sainsbury’s deliver spring onions instead of spring flowers


A BAFFLED Sainsbury’s customer received a delivery of spring onions after she ordered spring flowers.

Suzanne Bradish, from Rochester, Kent, ordered the £5 bouquet of “Spring Show” flowers only to receive an 85p bunch of spring onions.

Suzanne was not tempted to, in the supermarket’s own words, taste the difference and instead photographed the onions in a vase filled with water.

Sainsbury’s, who may have been observing their old slogan “Try something new today”, should have sent the music venue events assistant a glorious bouquet of bright yellow sunflowers, pink roses and gerbera daisies.

Suzanne posted a picture of her spring onions in a vase with the caption: “Thanks for the flowers substitution Sainsbury’s.

“I guess they’ll work a bit better in my salad.”


The hilarious mix up was retweeted almost 2,000 times, including by Sarra Hoy.

It also prompted dozens of comments from people sharing their own delivery substitute stories.

One follower wrote: “I once ordered a square pie dish from Tesco and they substituted with a washing up bowl.”

Another said: “When I was eight months pregnant I ordered a parenting magazine that was substituted with a pregnancy test kit.”

And one ?wrote: “ASDA gave me water biscuits instead of water chestnuts. They were rubbish in my stir fry.”

Last week a Tesco delivery driver in Ashington, West Sussex was criticised after leaving an angry note for a disabled mum reading: “Dear Mr and Mrs I can’t be a**** to go to the shop”.

Beth Lloyd, 35, who can barely walk due to a debilitating illness, failed to hear the driver knock on the front door and then did not get to her phone in time as he tried to call.

Minutes later he posted the rude message on a “Sorry we missed you” card.

And in 2014 a Tesco customer was left baffled after receiving a “whole octopus” instead of his original order of a Walnut Loaf.