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Anger as police drop bus crack case for “lack of evidence”

POLICE have been condemned for dropping an investigation into a woman who was photographed appearing to smoke crack on a bus in broad daylight.

Lisa McGhee gained international notoriety last month after pictures showed her sparking up a crack pipe on the top deck of a bus in Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Police Scotland insiders claimed the case had been dropped because there was no “hands on” evidence that the woman was breaking the law.

But McGhee, from Musselburgh, East Lothian, has herself now admitted on social media that she has a drug problem and that she “done wrong”.

The photographs were shared online last month
The photographs were shared online last month

The Scottish Conservatives accused Police Scotland of taking a “soft touch” approach and claimed their handling of the case sent out the wrong message to the public.

The incident happened on a 26 bus on February 19 when a startled teenager photographed McGhee hunkering down behind a seat with a crack pipe, lighter and a white substance. The youngster took pictures which were published around the world.

McGhee was recognised by friends and her identity was revealed the following day along with claims that she had been a judo champion before falling prey to hard drugs.

Police Scotland confirmed on February 23 that they had launched an investigation into the photographs.

But today (Fri) a spokesman said: “The case has been concluded and we are unable to provide any further information into the investigation.”

A source close to the inquiry confirmed that McGhee would not face any proceedings as a result of the photographs. “There’s no hands-on evidence,” said the insider. “In situations like this the person could deny what the picture might appear to be showing.”

The woman appeared to smoke crack on a bus in broad daylight
The woman appeared to smoke crack on a bus in broad daylight

Scottish Conservative transport spokesman Alex Johnstone said: “This is very unsatisfactory conclusion to the case.

“What kind of message are we sending out if we let people engage in this kind of illegal activity on public transport?

“It’s no wonder the public think the war on drugs is being lost with this soft-touch approach.”

Lisa McGhee has written on social media about the case, admitting: “So annoying, swear down, I was clean two years in Birmingham.

“Came up here and they would not continue the script I was on so went back to Birmingham and got prescription.

“Brought it up and wouldn’t give me it cause it was English prescription.

“Swear down, I had appointment today at 2:00 for my script, but couldn’t go so I never got help.

“Also it’s a drug testing order. If I miss appointments I go jail.”

She also revealed that her family had been targeted after the images emerged.

She said: “My mum the best mum in the world, she never once turned her back on me and always tried her best.

“Give a thought for her and all she deals with and has dealt with and realise it’s me who done wrong and should be ashamed, not my mum.”

McGhee claimed the day after her identity was revealed she was refused entry on a bus to get help.

She added: “I was meant to start my prescription today, but I couldn’t get bus as they call police, so should have finally got help I been asking for, but papers messed up everything.”

“I’ve been in homeless for about 16 month so was getting my house, everything was positive but now I missed the doctor, missed appointment, house has had gate put up, so lost house.”

Along with responding to messages from concerned friends, Lisa has been posting recent images of herself alongside an unknown shirtless man.

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