Saturday, May 28, 2022
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Waiters have a secret group where they say what they really think of you

A PRIVATE ranting page has revealed what hospitality staff in Scotland really think about their customers – through sharing hilarious stories.

One of the posts in the group.

Bar and waiting staff have been taking to a Facebook page, named Bar/Restaurant Rants, to let off steam about incidents that have happened on their premises.

One waitress from Johnstone, Renfrewshire told how customers often complain about their ice cream being too cold.

A Wetherspoons waiter in Glasgow mocked people who queue up for refunds when fire alarm goes off.

He wrote: “Why is it whenever there’s a fire alarm, you get a queue of people demanding immediate refunds?

“We might all die but hold on until I sort out your £3 odds while you stand there, arguing with staff, blocking the exit. F****** bellends.”

One Edinburgh waitress shared an encounter with a customer who kept complaining about being too cold and then too warm and then asking her why she wasn’t smiling.

The member of staff also claimed the woman complained about an overflowing toilet – even though she had blocked it herself.

The page description reads: “An insider’s view of the workings of the Bar/Restaurant industry and the moronic general public that use it.”



Other posts include a barman in Dundee ranting over a conversation regarding the wireless internet password.

After revealing that it was ‘Rugby2015’, the customer instantly responded by informing him they were in fact now in 2016.

The detailed commentary ended with the staff member writing: “‘Because f*** you that’s why. P****.”

An angered barman who was forced to work Mothers Day weekend shared his views about the clientele, writing: “Things I’ve learned from working today: Some mothers are w****** who don’t deserve a special day.

“Some mothers should stop having kids and slap f*** out of the little terrors they have.

“My mum’s better than your mum.”

The post was liked by over 300 members of the group with dozens commenting to agree.

A West Dunbartonshire waitress referred to a customer as a “bellend” while sharing a story about how they ordered “any” type of coffee but was then shot down when she suggested a cappuccino.


Drunk customers have also featured as a talking point with numerous rants about intoxicated behaviour.

A pub manager from Paisley, Renfrewshire said a customer complained: “ ‘Eh, someone has stole my bag’.

He added: “Nah Mate, you have lost it coz your steaming and it’s right over there where you left it.

“Steaming people don’t lose things, they are always stolen…’”

The phrase, ‘the customer is always right’, has been shot down by various members of staff with one annoyed waitress writing: “No they are so f****** not. They are wrong. Always so f****** wrong, bad motherf***** c*** a***hole.”

She then ended the outburst with: “Hope everyone had a lovely weekend shift.”

A follower responded: “It’s only customers that say ‘the customer is always right, which to me is circular logic. F*** em.”

Some staff talked about how they got their own back on customers on occasion too.

A Scots man shared how he was asked for the “strongerest” cocktail in the bar he works at in Stirling.

He then proceeded to create just that and reveled in delight as the “trumpet” screwed up his face “as if he was downing sulfuric acid”.

The page remains closed to the public but already includes nearly 7,000 hospitality staff.

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