Glasgow cornershop forced to move Buckfast behind counter “due to junkies stealing”


A GLASGOW cornershop has posted a hilarious sign to their customers telling them the Buckfast is now stored behind the counter “due to the junkies stealing”.

The note – placed for customers on an empty shelf – claims that, as well as Buckfast, store bosses have had to move the Mad Dog and Dragoon Soop behind the counter.

Mad Dog is a fortified wine similar to Buckfast, which has an alcohol content of up to 20%, whilst Dragoon Soop is a fermented schnapps drink with high levels of caffeine.

The note – written in all caps – reads: “Unfortunately due to the junkies stealing, the Mad Dog, Dragoon Soop and Buckfast will no longer be kept in the fridge.

The honest note was posted in a Glasgow cornershop
The honest note was posted in a Glasgow cornershop

“Please ask a member of staff and they will get it from behind the till. Thank you.”

It was posted on Facebook by Danny McWilliams on Monday night.

He captioned the pic “meanwhile in Glasgow…”, and it is understood that the pic was taken at a shop somewhere in Ibrox.

In February eyebrows were raised by shoppers in Edinburgh after it was discovered that Tescos have begun to security-tag their £2.50 packets of cheese in Leith – where Trainspotting was set.

Local Chris Fairburn, 26, spotted the unusual security tag on his lunchbreak.

He said: ““You expect to see security stickers on supermarket items such as aftershaves, perfumes – even expensive meat.

“But to see them on an everyday item such as cheddar cheese really was surprising.

“Leith is so often referred to as an up and coming area but if residents can’t be trusted not to help themselves to cheese – by the likes of Tesco – you really have to question that.”