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EntertainmentRowling publishes Galbraith rejection letters

Rowling publishes Galbraith rejection letters

JK Rowling has published rejection letters for her first Robert Galbraith novel including one which gave tips on how to be a successful author.

Rowling’s first Galbraith novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, went on to be a number one bestseller but numeous publishers turned down the book flat, unaware they were dealing with the Harry Potter author.

One letter shows a response from British publisher, Constable & Robinson who rejected famous writers work on the basis that they “could not publish it with commercial success”.

They then sent on a step-by-step guide on how to go about getting her work published in the future at the risk of sounding like they were “teaching my grandmother to suck eggs”.

The rejection letters for Robert Galbraith
The rejection letters for Robert Galbraith

They add: “Call the publishers to obtain the name of the relevant editor.

“Then send to each editor an alluring 200 word blurb but don’t give away the ending!

“Much vital information can be found in the Writer’s Handbook.”

The letter is then sign off by wishing the writer all the success in the future.

A second letter from British crime publishers, Creme de la Crime shows a short rejection letter her novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling stating the reason was due to them not accepting new submissions at the time.

The 2013 book went on to be number one on Amazon’s best selling list receiving critical acclaim and was later announced that it would be made into a TV series.

Rowling posted the letters after aspiring writers asked her how she dealt with rejection from publishers.

Rowling said her Harry Potter rejection letters were “now in a box in my attic” but she had the Galbraith ones available.

She later tweeted: “A publisher who turned down Harry Potter also sent R Galbraith his rudest rejection (by email)!”

Although Rowling identified the publishers she blurred out the names of the staff who rejected her.

Rowling said she was publishing the letters “by popular request” and “for inspiration not revenge”.

A fan responded: “They should just give up publishing at this point.” Another wrote: “I bet he knows that he’s the stupidest person to live.”

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