CCTV shows thieves steal caravan used for autistic boy’s holidays


A DEVOTED father has released CCTV footage of thieves stealing a £10,000 caravan he bought to give his autistic son a safe holiday haven.

Steven Wilson is offering a £1,000 reward after he saved up to buy the 20ft-long caravan which includes a special “safe” room for Gavin, 11.

The mechanic only bought the van eight months ago and he and his family had only used it twice before it was stolen.

Wilson Family
Steven Wilson and his 11-year-old son, Gavin

The CCTV images show how, in the space of just six minutes, a gang of men in a 4×4 push the caravan from its parking place in Townhill, Fife, hitch it to their vehicle, and drive off.

The raid – which happened shortly after 3am on March 24, has left the family devastated.

Steven, from nearby Cowdenbeath, said: “I received a phone call from a friend at around 9am telling me the caravan was gone.

“We were totally devastated as we saved for a long time to buy the right caravan for us.”

The married father of three added: “We haven’t told our children yet. Our oldest son, Gavin, has autism and this played a key part in choosing a caravan where he could have his own space when he needed.

“Gavin doesn’t like sleeping in strange places like hotels. The caravan was ideal as it has a separate bedroom for him. He loved it.

“The caravan was great because it was his with his own bedroom at the rear, somewhere that he knows.”

The CCTV footage shows a 4×4 Land Rover Discovery leaving with the caravan at around 3.20am. It is though four men were involved in the theft, which is being investigated by police.

Stolen Caravan
CCTV footage of the Land Rover Discovery leaving with the caravan

Steven said: “They had forced open a set of unused gates to the north of the industrial estate which didn’t have any cameras until a few weeks ago.

“There had been a lot of breaking and small things going missing. I only had the cameras up and running for about 27 hours before the caravan got stolen.

“It would cost £10,000 to replace it, including everything in it.”

Inspector Ian Stephen from Cowdenbeath Police Station said: “This is a distinctive caravan, it is 20 feet (6.35metres) long, white and with a blue stripe.

“If anyone sees it, we’d ask them to contact us.”

Those with information can contact Police Scotland on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.