Crystal the cat loves owner’s shower


SCOTLAND’S daftest cat loves nothing better than to take a long hot shower.

While most felines will do anything to keep away from water, Crystal likes nothing better than to get drenched and have a drink.

Crystal first barged into the shower cubicle when her owner nipped out of the bathroom to get a towel.

Andria (corr) Walker, from Paisley, Renfrewshire, was stunned to return to find the moggy sitting under the stream and loving every minute.

Crystal now takes every opportunity to shower and Andria’s video clips show her pet rapturously wriggling under the warm spray and sticking its tongue out to taste the water.

The cat is shower-obsessed
The cat is shower-obsessed

Andria, 38, said she was baffled as to why her beloved seven-year old pet was so desperate to be a soggy moggy.

Andria and husband John, 42, also own two other Ragdoll cats called Harley and Peaches which come from the same litter of kittens.

But both cats hate water, meaning Crystal never has to queue.

Andria, a social care worker and part-time actress, said: “She’s always been interested in the shower but she never went in. She’d been inching closer and closer.

“Last week I went to get towels and stuff and she was right in. It’s basically every morning now – it’s crazy.

“It’s all just new behaviour. She’s obsessed with water. But the whole going in and standing in the shower is just crazy.

“I took the video the first time and she’s done it every day since. She’s really relaxed, she loves it.

“She just seems to go right under and she’s soaked by the end of it.

Andria added: “She likes it warm. She’ll not go in until it heats up – it takes about 30 seconds.

“She definitely enjoys it. “

Pampered Crystal completes her bathroom routine by being wrapped in a warm fluffy towel.

“You’ve got to spend ages drying her off”, Andria said.

Ragdoll cats are thought to originate in the USA, where they began to be bred in the 1960s.

They are known for their very docile and friendly temperament, which can make them seem floppy when picked up.