Orkney library makes sheep taunt at Shetland rivals over Twitter blue tick


ORKNEY library may have delivered a knock-out blow in their row with Shetland library – getting a coveted “blue tick” on Twitter.

Orkney staff even taunted their northern rivals by joking that their blue tick – verified account status on Twitter – was not caught from sheep.

The two island-libraries have been at hilarious loggerheads on the popular social media platform for months.

Orkney library one-upped their Shetland counterparts earlier this year, when JK Rowling herself made a surprise appearance at a library reading group for her book The Cuckoo’s Calling.

Orkney Library was quick to boast about their special visitor in March
Orkney Library was quick to boast about their special visitor in March

They were were quick to rub their celebrity guest in the faces of their rivals – tagging Shetland Library in a message with pictures of the Harry Potter author, captioned “In. Your. Face”.

Now they seem to have scored another blow against their northern rivals – which may put the feud to bed for good.

This morning the Orkney Library Twitter account – 26,000 followers – earned its “blue tick” – a small icon placed on a profile indicating that it is an officially verified account.

The “blue tick” is usually the reserve of high-flying company accounts or profiles of celebrities – and is a much coveted status symbol for many Twitter users.

And the island librarians took the opportunity to rub the accomplishment in the face of their rivals on the Shetlands – who have yet to earn theirs and are lagging behind with just 4,406 followers.

In a Tweet posted this morning they said: “Do you like our blue tick Shetland Library?

“We know you already have blue ticks but ours isn’t caught off sheep.”

It is not clear how the Shetland Island librarians are supposed to have caught their ticks – but the suggestion is that they may have been in very intimate contact with the animals.

But librarians from the Shetlands did not take the insult lying down.

In a response they tweeted: “Ah Orkney Library. So you’ve been ticked off?

“No need to tick us off too with your rudeness!”

Twitter users reacted with delight at the Twitter “beef” between the librarians.

Leona Skene commented: “A low blow, Orkney Library. Naebody likes a smart arse.”

Another added: “This is the greatest beef ever on Twitter.

“The rest of Twitter should close for a few days.”