Shopkeeper issues stern warning to sex toy thief


AN ENRAGED shopkeeper has issued a stark warning – after a customer walked out with a vibrating sex toy.

Last week, a Pound Express owner noticed that the contents of one of their products – an Exure ‘extra stimulation vibrating ring’ packet – were missing.

After checking CCTV cameras, they noticed that a crook had emptied the box and walked out with the bounty.

The note was posted in the shop window
The note was posted in the shop window

And now they have written a very public note to the criminal, warning them to stay away or risk being exposed.

The incident is believed to have taken place at Pound Express in Saltcoats town centre, North Ayrshire.

A picture of the hilarious note, written by ‘Gerry’ and posted in the store window, was shared on Facebook.

It reads: “To the thief who stole the content of this product. I hope you managed to give your partner a pleasant evening.

“However, you have been caught on CCTV. So if you come back in you will be reported to the police.

The vibrating ring brings 20 minutes 'play time' (PIC: Exure)
The vibrating ring brings 20 minutes ‘play time’ (PIC: Exure)

“I will also have great pleasure in letting people know what you stole.

“Many thanks, Gerry.”

The note also included the empty box sellotaped to the top, and was posted next to a sign advertising ‘fantastic value’ puzzle books.

Amused Scots commented on the post, with some even standing up for the thief.

Alex Galbraith wrote: “What if it was someone down on their luck with no money and needed them…just saying because there’s two sides to a story.”

Scott Murray joked: “You could say you never saw him coming.”

James West said: “It should not make any difference whether it is £1 or £60, it’s theft after all.”

According to online retailers, the Exure vibrating rings “provide 20 minutes ‘play time’ for him and her”.

The packet includes a vibrating ring and a battery.

However the thief may be disappointed with their steal, as one Amazon review states that the product “broke too quickly” and was “bad quality”.