Police appeal for information after pensioner is killed by a bin lorry

POLICE are appealing for witnesses to come forward after an elderly lady was killed by a bin lorry.
CCTV pictures show Moira McKeenan just before the accident in Morningside Road, Edinburgh.
The 86-year-old can be seen making her way slowly with the aid of a walking frame along the pavement.
Seconds later, off camera, she is hit by a bin lorry and pictures show passers-by reeling in shock.
Moira McKeeman Walking Down Street 1
Moira was caught on CCTV moments before the accident.

Police want anyone with information about the accident, which happened at about 11.35am on Sunday, to get in touch.

The CCTV pictures were recorded by a chip shop near the scene of the tragedy.
Ms McKeeman, dressed in a red jacket and skirt can be seen walking slowly past the chip shop using her zimmer frame.
A bin lorry can then be seen passing just after she has moved out shot and is closely followed by a red estate car.
The red estate car is then seen to slam on its brakes before the driver and people nearby run over the road towards the direction in which Ms McKeeman had been walking.
A man in a light blue top and blue jeans can then be seen coming back up the street towards the camera.
He is clearly distressed and stumbles up the street whilst crouched over with his hand covering his mouth, looking as if he is about to be sick.
He passes another man, dressed smartly in a black jacket and shirt, who turns round towards the crossing before looking back and holding his hand to his forehead in disbelief.
Salman Jamil, 24, the owner of Fruit-a-licious, a fruit and veg shop across the road from where it happened, was outside sorting his display when the accident took place.
He said: “”I turned round because I could hear screams from people who had seen the incident and from the woman who was hit.
“By the time I saw her, she had been hit by the bin lorry.
Man sick
Witnesses were left in obvious shock in the aftermath of the tragedy

“It seemed to have crushed her and so everyone was rushing over but her Zimmer frame was mangled and she wasn’t moving.”

Pizza Hut sits just opposite the crossing where Ms McKeeman was struck and its large front window doubled as a screen for the horror that unfolded outside.
Their deputy manager said: “I first saw the elderly lady lying on the ground on the crossing right outside from the window of the shop.
“People stopped their cars to get out and help and I phoned an ambulance as 3 people performed CPR.
“The lorry driver was in bits,” he continued.
Man Sick 2
The accident was witnessed by several bystanders and police want to hear from anyone with information

“Someone put out a chair for him across the road and you could see as he sat how upset he was -he actually went into the back of the ambulance at one point.

“I had to send one of my drivers home because they were so shaken.
Police Scotland confirmed today (Tues) that their inquiries are continuing and are appealing to speak to witnesses who were in the area at the time.
They are keen to speak to a man who was standing outside Stefanos chip shop who was left visibly upset by the collision and also to a man who crossed the same stretch of road moments before the accident took place.
In addition, Police are also looking to trace an elderly couple who were standing outside the Brothers Barbers around the time of the accident and are appealing for them to come forward.