Shetland ponies do their version of the Kelpies


SCOTLAND’S famous Kelpies have been recreated on Shetland – by a pair of miniature ponies.

The 100-ft high horse head sculptures are the largest in the world and have become one of Scotland’s most photographed sites.

The structures, near the River Carron in Falkirk, weigh 300 tonnes each and can be seen for miles.

But a hilarious snap shows much smaller horses recreating the famous pose – almost to a tee.

Piebald Expensive, right, and chestnut My Little Pony do their Kelpies impersonation

Two adorable Shetland ponies, named My Little Pony and Expensive, were photographed by their owner when she went out to check on them.

One can be seen looking down towards the camera, whilst the other has his head flung back with his teeth bared.

55-year-old Judith Nelson, who took the picture on her phone, shared the snap on social media and was inundated with amused comments.

Rona Blaikie wrote: “Having a great time by the looks of things.”

Deborah Daniel said: “It looks like they’re singing.”

And Amanda Cork added: “Bless. That’s the Kelpie pose!”

Judith, who moved to Shetland five years ago, said: “They are native Shetland ponies, a gelding and a stallion.

“They are wee characters. I moved up to Shetland from Edinburgh and had never had a horse in my life so I enjoy them.

“They were both born wild on the hills.”

Judith also has two female ponies – called Kim and Kanye.