Loch Ness cafe cooks up monstrous snack of banana with bacon and cheese


A CAFE owner is pushing the boundaries of Scots cuisine with an oven-baked banana wrapped in bacon and covered with melted cheese.

Simon Hargreaves is offering the snack to customers at his cafe near Loch Ness.

Simon admits the monster of a delicacy – which is likely to contain in excess of 300 calories – is “not for the faint hearted”.

The snack is likely to contain hundreds of calories
The snack is likely to contain hundreds of calories

The owner of the Waterfall Cafe, next to Foyers Falls, regularly eats the bizarre creation for breakfast.

The bacon-wrapped banana, finished off with a hefty slice of cheese, is baked for 20 minutes..

After posting a picture of the result on the cafe’s Facebook page, he wrote: “This is a Simon special. I can’t publish it’s name but it is one of his 5 a day.”

He admitted: “Presentation?! Minus 9. Cholesterol? Through the roof!”

He said: “What’s not to love? Banana and bacon are a match made in heaven. Cheese goes with anything so I thought why not have it with a banana.

The treat is being served at the Waterfall Cafe
The treat is being served at the Waterfall Cafe

“We haven’t had anyone actually order one yet but we would be able to offer a bespoke price for whoever wants to try it.

“I actually had one for breakfast this morning.”

However, comments left below the cafe’s Facebook post suggest that not everyone is quite so enamoured with the bacon banana.

Karen Mcauley commented: “I could no sooner tackle that than walk on the moon.”

Whilst Lydia Morley described her feelings on the matter by simply saying: “Yucky.”

Simon cannot lay claim to having invented bacon, banana and cheese. One website describes the combination as an “Hawaiian-style appetiser,” whilst another claimed it originates from Australia.

Simon found himself in the news earlier this year he and his wife Jan were ordered to pay £460 compensation to a waitress caught on CCTV stealing from £60 the till. Despite being victims of a crime, an employment tribunal judge agreed with part of the waitresses claim for breach of contract.