Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Animal lovers point at their pets – and share snaps of their hilarious reactions

ANIMAL-LOVERS have been sharing hilarious photos of confused dogs, cats and birds online – as part of International Point At Your Pet Day.

A new craze swept social media yesterday (Thurs) which resulted in dozens of owners pointing a finger at their pets and uploading their reaction.

POINT_AT_YOUR_PET_DN01Some of the best include a goldfish with its mouth wide open, a very grumpy-looking cat and a dog playing dead on the floor.

The reasoning behind the bizarre craze is unclear, though it seems to have been started by a London-based cartoonist.

POINT_AT_YOUR_PET_DN02One user named Graham, from Wallsend in Tyne and Wear, shared a snap of his budgie perched on the end of his finger with the caption: “#internationalpointatyourpetday has gone a bit wrong.”

‘Helen G’, from Newcastle, uploaded a picture of her black and white cat trying to eat her middle finger as she pointed at it.

POINT_AT_YOUR_PET_DN03Another woman, from somewhere in Wales, took a hilarious photograph of her shocked-looking goldfish as she gave it the finger.

And a budgie, belonging to Jennie Gyllblad from Bath, also looked extremely unimpressed at his owner’s attempt to join in.

POINT_AT_YOUR_PET_DN05Other unique pet days which have gained popularity over the years include National Dress Up Your Pet Day, Serpent’s Day, National Dog Biscuit Day and National Hairball Awareness Day.

There is even a Respect For Chickens Day and World Rabies Day.

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