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Grandson posts Youtube prank video as tribute to late grandfather

A GRANDSON has posted a very unusual tribute to his much-loved late grandfather – a video showing him going berserk after being pranked.

Geoff Rowlands, 68, passed away last month after being diagnosed with stage four lung cancer on Christmas Eve.

Months before the tragic news, his doting grandson, Jamie Green, played a hilarious practical joke on Geoff after he and friends stayed at a luxury hotel in Perth.

Jamie couldn't contain his laughter whilst on the phone
Jamie couldn’t contain his laughter whilst on the phone

Jamie, 26, filmed himself as he called his granddad, put on a Scottish accent, and pretended to be a hotel member of staff complaining about soiled sheets, cigarette butts and used condoms left in the room.

Geoff, a retired postie from Rotherham, South Yorks – whose job included sorting hate mail for legendary football referee Howard Webb – is seen gradually losing his cool. Eventually he snaps and tells the caller he is “talking a load of b******s”.

The video was posted while Geoff was bravely battling his cancer and has been kept online as a tribute to the fiery, outspoken Yorkshireman.

Geoff with his grandson on Christmas day
Geoff with his grandson on Christmas day

Jamie, also from Rotherham, decided to play the prank after learning that his grandfather had been away on the trip to the four-star Angus Hotel in Blairgowrie.

He begins by introducing himself as ‘Graham’, the assistant manager.

Jamie then says that there have been “a few issues” brought to their attention by the housekeeping staff regarding the room he shared with a friend.

He goes to list the problems, including sheets which were “left in a horrendous condition”, and asks “if someone soiled themselves in the room”.

His grandad furiously replies: “I can guarantee you that neither Mr Mason, nor myself, soiled anything in that room.

“I am absolutely certain, without a shadow of a doubt, that that room was left in exactly the same condition as we found it.”

Geoff used to sort through Howard Webb's hate mail
Geoff used to sort through Howard Webb’s hate mail

Jamie continues to wind his grandfather up, saying that the duo owed £100 for the incident.

Geoff replies: “You’ve got no prayer. There is no way anybody is getting £100 out of me or Mr Mason. It’s a complete pack of lies. A complete and utter pack of lies.
“I am a completely fit and healthy guy. I never have soiled sheets. Mr Mason never has soiled sheets.”

Jamie then states that cigarettes were also found in the room – and asked for another £100 for the cleaning fee.

His grandad replies: “You’re talking a load of b******s. You’re talking a pile of crap.”

After being asked to calm down, he says: “I won’t calm down at all. Stop asking me to please calm down.”

It is the final straw when Jamie suggests that a used condom was also found in the room, to which his grandad says “You had better be careful…I shall be writing to the local press about this.”

The phone call ends when his grandfather slams the phone down, and Jamie erupts in peals of laughter.

Jamie said: “My grandad had a really short temper so I knew it would be easy to wind him up.

“I put on a Scottish accent and he had no idea it was me. As soon as I heard him take a deep breath I knew I had it in the bag.”

He added: “It’s a nice way to remember him. Everyone knows him as a joker and the family have been enjoying re-watching the video. My grandad was fearless and stood by his guns.

“I called him back the next day and let him know it was me – he found it really funny.

“He was a great guy who was loved by everyone. He was a postman for many years and even used to sort through Howard Webb’s hate mail.”

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