Saturday, July 2, 2022
In BriefBBC Scotland under fire for misspelling VIPs' names

BBC Scotland under fire for misspelling VIPs’ names

 BBC Scotland has been criticised for continuously misspelling VIP visitors’ names.

Glasgow Pollok SNP candidate Humza Yousaf claims he has a collection of misspelled name badges following visits to the corporation north of the border.

Yesterday Mr Yousaf posted a photo of a badge on which he had been renamed “Humza Sousaf”.

badge 1 edit
Humza Yousaf apparently has a collection of misspelled badges.

He wrote: “I have a dream that one day @BBCScotland will spell my name correctly on my visitor badge #TheDreamWillNeverDie.”

He added that his favourite BBC name error of all time was “Huzzah Yousaf”.

Conservative campaigner, Iain McGill weighed into the post writing: “I thought I was special…” before sharing a snap of a BBC badge renaming him “Iain McKill”.

Taggart actor Colin McCredie shared examples of names they have called him in the past including McCreadie, McReddie, McReady and MacRedeye.

While Rebus author Ian Rankin simply responded: “I had to stop visiting the BBC…”

Scottish Author, Muriel Gray wrote: “Haha. I’ve always been ‘Grey’.

“They’re not singling you out.

“Suspect it’s a policy.”

Yousaf later added: “I think we should all form a club. Might be easier to narrow down to who has had their name spelt correctly.”

The post proved popular on Twitter receiving hundreds of likes, retweets and comments.

However, some followers believed the errors might have been made on purpose.

One user wrote: “@BBCScotland it’s deliberate nobody could be that stupid @BBC.

“We are stupid ones for still paying the license fee.”

Another said: “That of course is just utter bad manners, ignorance seems to resound throughout that corporation.”

Seeing the funny side to the error, one user wrote: “Say hi to Jackie Tird, while you’re there.”

However one user, who isn’t a fan of Yousaf, took the opportunity to share what they really thought of his campaign.

He said: “I have a dream too that one day you won’t be in office you’re a big fish in a small political pond with limited vision.”

The BBC said reception staff will now be asked to take extra care following complaints over badge name bungles.

A BBC Scotland spokesman said: “We have hundreds of people coming through our doors every week and our reception staff can be very busy.

“Inevitably mistakes are sometimes made and we recognise that this can be annoying, so reception teams have been reminded that they should double check an individual’s details before a pass is issued.”



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