Fury after Kapranos suggests Queen should have died before Prince


FRANZ Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos suggested on the day of the Queen’s 90th birthday that she should have died rather than Prince.

To the outrage of several followers, Kapranos tweeted: “Queen and Prince. Wrong way round.”

Kapranos is well known for expressing strong anti-Royalist opinions but his tweet was widely condemned.

Almost immediately the Scot was bombarded with messages slamming his post as “harsh” and “distasteful”.

Alan Gardner ?wrote: “Wow, wishing ill on a 90-year-old woman.”

Kapranos made the controversial statement on Twitter
Kapranos made the controversial statement on Twitter

Lynne Orr ?said: “Inappropriate Mr Kapranos…”

And Jennie ?Brahan wrote: “That’s in very poor taste.”

One follower, Philip Jones, shared a black and white photograph of people throwing objects into a burning fire, writing: “There go the Franz records tomorrow.”

Others backed the musician. Alison Josselyn wrote: “This is the one you nailed.”

Kapranos stayed silent for more than 11 hours before finally adding fuel to the flames with the tweet: “Prince would have made a much better head of state.”

Kapranos was blasted last year after launching a foul-mouthed rant at the monarchy while re-posting an article about how much money the Queen receives from Scotland.

He wrote: “F*** them all.

“Rob it back from their thieving ancestors.

“F*** the monarchy, f*** the aristocracy, f*** them all.”

He then added: “I’m against all monarchies, family dynasties, despots, vote-riggers, Blairs, Bushes, Clintons, Putins, Mugabes… f*** ’em all.”