Little Bo Peep saves day after sheep go on run in city


A QUICK-thinking Scot saved the day by doing a “Little Bo Peep” after a flock of sheep escaped in the middle of a city.

The eight-strong flock escaped from their owner’s garden in Inverness and headed along a main road towards the city centre.

Police and the SSPCA raced to the scene on Thursday afternoon to try to round up the stubborn sheep and avoid traffic mayhem.

But after all their attempts failed to get the flock under control, it fell to Donald McBeath to save the sheep.

Mr McBeath, the father of the Ashley McBeath, the owner of the flock, simply produced a bucket of feed.

Picture courtesy of Scottish Provincial Press
Picture courtesy of Scottish Provincial Press

The sheep tucked in, forgot all ambition of heading towards the bright light of Inverness city centre, and allowed themselves to be herded back home.

The sheep – as cross of North England mule and Suffolk – got out of the back garden of Ashley’s home in Drummond Road.

After heading towards town, stubbornly using the road rather than the pavement, the sheep decided to have a break in the city’s Aultnaskiach Dell – a woodland oasis of fresh foliage.

The sheep happily munched on the fresh grass and allowed local children to pet them.

SSPCA inspector Andy Brown was summoned to the scene, as well at the police who had received calls from concerned members of the public.

It was only when Donald turned up with a bucket of feed and the animals dutifully followed him home.

Ashley took to social media to share her embarrassment at the situation.

She wrote: “Unbelievable. I’ll never live this down.”