Google Street View car appears to capture itself speeding


A GOOGLE Street View car has photographed itself appearing to exceed the speed limit on a residential street in Glasgow.

The car’s rooftop camera captured an approaching speedometer while driving along St George’s Road in the city’s west end.

But instead of driving at the recommended speed of 30mph – the vehicle has been exposed as travelling at 37mph.

Only metres in front, a 20mph when lights flash sign is shown to inform drivers they’re approaching a school zone.

The speedometer showed the car was travelling at 37mph
The speedometer showed the car was travelling at 37mph

The blunder was photographed by the Google car back in June 2015 and is still visible online.

Dutch cycling guru, Twan van Duivenbooden noticed the surprising image while exploring Google Maps.

He said: “So it seems @google #Streetview car was doing 37mph on a 30mph street in #Glasgow #speeding.”

Another user, Stuart Hay wrote: “This street should be a 20mph so googling along at twice safe speed.”

Google’s Street View cars have managed to capture many obscure images in the past.

In 2012 a pair of pranksters in Edinburgh staged a murder after spotting an approaching Google car.

Still images showed a man lying face down on Giles Street while a second man stood over him with a pick axe.

Police were called to investigate after a web user came across the scene – unaware that the whole set up was just a joke.

Another image taken at Mount Murray Golf Club in the Isle of Skye shows a Google Street View driver giving his camera a clean.

Other unlikely images have captured cars stuck in ditches in the Scottish Highlands and people getting chased down streets.


A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said: “The driver of the Google street view car should realise that his camera captures every moment, and these incriminating images are being published online for the world to see.

“There is a nursery and primary school within 100m of here and I’d hate to think what the outcome might have been.”

A Google spokeswoman confirmed they were now investigating the images.

She added: “Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

“We work with our drivers to ensure driving safely is the absolute priority for Street View.

“We take any violations very seriously.”