Bus driver helps old man cross the road


THE HUNT is on for a “wonderful” bus driver who stopped his double decker to help an old man cross a busy road.

The unidentified driver put the brakes on in the middle of Glasgow after seeing an elderly man struggling across the street.

A video, which has now been viewed over 22,000 times, shows the kind employee linking arms with the pensioner and assisting him to the pavement.

After making sure the stranger is safe, he dodges past cars to get back to the bus and resumes his service.

And his actions have drawn the praise of compassionate Scots, who have said “We need more of you in this country”.

The 30-second clip was taken from the top deck of the bus by Connor Stokes, who was sat at the front window.

The driver, wearing a blue uniform and sunglasses, jogs up to the old man who has a walking stick and begins to guide him across the street.

On the way, the driver can be seen pointing to an area just outside of the camera view – possible letting the man know where would be safe to cross.

When they reach the pavement, a van drives past the place where the old man was stood just seconds before.

The driver then crosses back over the road – narrowly missing a passing car – and gets back onto the bus.

Connor, from Largs, North Ayrshire, uploaded the clip to social media with the caption: “Was on the bus in Glasgow and this old guy couldn’t cross the road, so the driver stopped the bus, got out and helped him cross safely #peoplemakeglasgow.”

Ann McCulloch commented: “Well done driver. Wish more of your colleagues were more helpful. Some of them don’t even smile or respond to ‘Good Morning’.”

Davy Mannis wrote: “Good to see. Well done that kind driver.”

Jean Byrne added: “Wonderful driver. Need more of you in this country.”

It is not clear what bus company the driver works for, nor the service he was on.

Just last week, another Glasgow bus driver was asked to resign from his job after recording bizarre videos from behind the wheel and posting them online.

Leon Morrow’s weird clips include a shot of him driving while using Snapchat on his smartphone to give himself lipstick and eyeshadow.

In another, he films himself giggling as an eccentric passenger leaves the bus screeching “bye” with increasing volume.

After the clips were discovered by McGill’s Bus Company, based in Greenock, Inverclyde, Mr Morrow was asked to resign.

He even set up a fundraising page for family and friends to donate money, because he suddenly found himself “skint”.