Curse of the purple burglar alarm hits another tongue-tied Scotsman


THE CURSE of the purple burglar alarm has struck again – much to the annoyance of a frustrated Scotsman.

Last year, a hilarious video went viral showing a drunk Scot unable to say ‘purple burglar alarm’ without stumbling over his words.

In the clip, which has been viewed nearly a million times, the unnamed man tries desperately to say the phrase but gives up after ten attempts.










Now another video has emerged of a Scot stumbling over the phrase – and this time he’s sober.

Ross Mckinlay, 36, who is originally from Glasgow but now works in a fish food factory in Sor-Trondelag, Norway, is asked by a mischievous colleague to say the phrase.

Despite trying his best, Ross messes up each time and accidentally adds in extra letters.

At one point it sounds as if he almost cracks it, and his colleague says “Oh you made it.”

But Ross replies: “No. Burg-ew-lar. That’s not it. It’s burrg-ew-lar. What is it?”

Ross tries desperately hard to get the phrase right
Ross tries desperately hard to get the phrase right

After the sixth attempt he storms off in the snow, too frustrated to continue.

The video, which was uploaded earlier this year, has almost hit 2,000 views on Youtube.

38-year-old Stale Roso shared the clip with the caption: “Funny Scotsman trying to say ‘Purple burglar alarm”.

Ross said: “Can’t believe I can’t say it. It’s my mission to make it happen.”

Family member Kayleigh Mckinlay wrote: “This is making me laugh more very time I watch it.”