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How to Increase Event Attendance Through Social Media


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Events are a fantastic way to help your business increase its sales and profits, and they can also build brand recognition and allow you to network with other valuable professionals in your industry, while also reaching new customers that you otherwise would have missed. But planning an event can be difficult, especially when it comes to getting the word out to increase attendance.

First off, click here to look for the ideal venue that can host your event. Then read on to learn about how you can increase the event’s attendance with the help of social media channels.

Create an Event on Facebook

Facebook could be less of a help and more of a hindrance to our health

Facebook event pages are hugely popular, and they are also really easy to make. You can invite everyone that you know to the event page and allow them to RSVP right there, as well as further share the event with their networks. Use this page to also post information about your event, and to keep people updated until the big day arrives.

Create a Hashtag for Your Event

Hashtags can be used on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So go ahead and make a hashtag for your event so that you can begin posting about it and encouraging others to mention the hashtag in their posts as well to spread the word. Just be sure to pick one that is not already in use, as that could make things really confusing. And keep it short and memorable, while making sure that it actually describes the event that you are promoting.

After you have decided upon the right hashtag, it is time to incorporate it into all of your online content related to the event. You can also include it on flyers and paper invitations that are sent out and distributed so that people will know the best way to follow the event online.

Post Frequently

Even if you follow the two tips above, you will not find very much success unless you create a schedule to post regularly on social media. Make posts frequently across all of the social media platforms that you use, as this will help create hype about your upcoming event, increase the odds that more people will learn about the event, and keep people updated while reminding them about your event.

Depending upon your audience, you can determine the best time of day to make your posts. Just don’t overdo it with the posting. See what works, and when, and then create a schedule and stick to it. The more engagement you get, the more you will know that your schedule and your post content are actually working, so keep it up.

As long as you implement the helpful tips above, you should find that it is a lot easier to reach more people and invite them to your upcoming event. The more people that are invited and that know about your event, the more successful it can be, and the higher your attendance numbers will be.