Ambulance man dressed as gorilla seen busting moves in hilarious video


HILARIOUS videos show a Scots ambulance worker busting some moves in a gorilla costume.

Ali Strachan, who works for East Central Ambulance Control, has shared clips dancing at home wearing a large, hairy mask.

The emergency worker, who keeps his mask on throughout the clips, appears on camera in his NHS uniform before breaking it down to classic hits.

And he has even began to go viral – racking up over 5,000 views for his antics.







The first video begins with a shot of a hallway, with Phil Collins’ ‘In The Air Tonight’ playing in the background.

Mr Strachan then wanders into view wearing his NHS uniform and donning a gorilla mask, hairy hands and feet.

He sways to the beat and begins to walk slowly towards the camera, sticking the lifelike mask right into the lens.

The emergency worker breaks it down to classic hits
The emergency worker breaks it down to classic hits

After a period of dad dancing and swinging his hips to the music, he beats his chest in true gorilla fashion and breaks into a running man routine.

Mr Strachan also throws in some Saturday Night Fever arm thrusts and finger pointing.

Another video, also believed to have been recorded at his home, shows him wearing casual clothes and simply placing the mask over his face.

The dance classic ‘I Like To Move It Move It’ suddenly comes on and he waves his arms in the air and sings along.

Children can be heard laughing in the background as he once again performs the running man routine and swings around in circles.

In another video he makes monkey noises at the camera
In another video he makes monkey noises at the camera

The clip ends as he comes right up to the lens, beats his chest and makes illegible “monkey” noises.

Mr Strachan, who is believed to live in the Tayside, Fife or Forth Valley area, shared the clips with the caption: “Bubbles the gorilla, preparing for East Ambulance Control Centre’s running man challenge.”

It comes as part of a wave of running man challenges that have swept the emergency services – resulting in the likes of Police Scotland busting some moves in front of Edinburgh castle.

His clips have attracted comments from amused Scots online.

Sabrina Mcmanus said: “That is hilarious Ali you are going viral.”

Claire McAspurn added: “Best one yet.”