Remarkable footage of man emerging from bin lorry – after falling asleep



A DISHEVELLED man has been filmed emerging from the back of a bin lorry after falling asleep in a wheelie bin and getting scooped inside.

Fire crews and police officers are shown trying to rescue the man, shouting “follow the light” and “come on out”.

The man is believed to have fallen asleep in a large bin last night and got picked up with this morning’s collection.


Bin men were getting ready to load another bin onto the vehicle in Workington, Cumbria when they heard banging coming from inside.

The man, who appears to be in his mid 20’s had a lucky escape after finding himself in the hydraulic plate which squashes rubbish to the back of the lorry.

Firefighters and police were called out to rescue the man and were filmed directing him to the rear exit of the lorry.

As the man then stands up, grinning from ear to ear, he gives a thumbs up before asking onlookers “what you taking selfies for?”


bin 1 - edit
The sleeping man gave everyone the thumbs up after being rescued.


A police officer in full uniform is also shown capturing the entire rescue mission from his iPhone.

Former bin lorry driver Jordan Nicholson, who uploaded the video to Facebook, said: “He fell asleep in a bin last night and got put in the back of the wagon this morning.

“They we’re just about to put another bin on and they heard him banging. It’s unreal how lucky he’s been not to get chopped up.”

The video has since been viewed over 84,000 times and received hundreds of comments from Facebook users.


bin 2 edit
Police and fire crews were directing the man to safety.


Sarah Mitchell wrote: “Omg that’s made my morning. Why did he even go in there?”

Michael Bagsy Wilson said : “What a f** idiot must have lost his house keys last night.”

And Gareth Donoghue wrote: “Why the f* is the copper recording it though?”

Crew manager Simon Rodger, of Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service, said: “A gentleman that had been asleep in a large rubbish bin got tipped into the actual wagon.

“We can only assume he was asleep at the very bottom because the workers had checked there was nobody in the bin because it was full of cardboard.

“He’s been tipped into the back of the wagon and the wagon itself has scooped him right into the heart of the machine.”

He had got caught up in the hydraulic plate which pushes the rubbish to the back of the wagon.

“He was literally scooped up and pushed to the back.
“The operator had heard banging and realised somebody was in there, therefore called us out,” said Mr Rodger.

“He was trapped in the machine but he was completely unhurt. When they released the crusher he walked out unharmed.”

Cumbria Police have confirmed the man works and resides in Workington but were unsure how he ended up sleeping in a bin.