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Shaman called in to “curse” yob who decapitated eagle sculpture

A COUNCIL boss has called in a shaman to put a curse on yobs who beheaded a chainsaw-carved sculpture of an eagle.

The 4ft high sculpture – in a community woodland in Dunfermline, Fife – was gifted to the local community last year by Scottish open chainsaw carving champ Peter Bowsher.

Mr Bowsher battled 50 mph winds all day carving the intricate feather patterns and imposing features of the bird.

But earlier this month vandals ran riot through the park – trashing signs and beheading the beloved bird.

Now community council chairman Jim Stewart – who believes the “low-lifes” decapitated the eagle with an axe – has responded by calling in “wood shaman” Shaman Dhyana Huggins.

Mr Stewart suggested that the culprit will wake up one day and “not like what they see in the mirror”. Dhyana agreed the vandalism was “disgusting” but that any spells would be focussed on changing the culprit “from within”.

The eagle sculpture was a community favourite
The eagle sculpture was a community favourite

It is believed that the vandalism occurred at some time in the past month.

Mr Stewart noticed the damage earlier this week – and the shaman is due to visit Dunfermline for an outdoors festival on Saturday.

Mr Stewart explained that a “wood shaman” will be one of the main attractions.

He said: “The wood shaman will be casting a spell – whoever did this won’t like what they see in the mirror one morning.”

Discussing the vandalism, he added: “The eagle more or less had its head chopped off and the signs around the wood are all kicked and bent.

“I managed to bend back the signs but the eagle was a gift from Peter and cost about £500. He spent all day creating it and it’s a fantastic piece of work.

“I was there putting it in the ground and it’s a personal disappointment that somebody would do something like that.

“We’re going to see if the head can be replaced but I’m not sure how. There’s also been minor damage to the fox’s ear but it looks like someone has taken an axe to the eagle’s head.

It seems it was beheaded with an axe
It seems it was beheaded with an axe

“It’s the children who will be most disappointed as it’s the schools that use the wood regularly.

“There seems to be vandalism going on all over town and it’s pretty shameful.”

Shaman Dhyana Huggins said the vandalism was “disgusting”.

But, she said, the focus of her work at the festival will be more on change from “within the person” than any curse.

She did said her practice could help identify those responsible.

She said: “Why not enlist all the help that you can possibly get.

“Should the story wish to be told and should the information be available then nothing is impossible.

“There’s definitely a way of doing all sorts of wonderful and incredible things.

“The highest form and the greatest good will form itself.”

There will also be a chainsaw artist at the festival, who Mr Stewart hopes may be able to repair the eagle.

Online locals were disgusted by the act of vandalism.

Irene Brown said: “That’s just horrible! I’ve taken all my chicks, big and little, to walk there, and they love it.

“Why is it that some people think it’s ok to spoil things for others? Bad karma.”

Sandie Payne added: “They simply have no respect.”

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