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Terrifying video shows caravan flip on busy road

TERRIFYING dashcam footage shows the moment a caravan jackknifed and overturned on a busy road.

The mobile home was being towed along the A90 north of Dundee last Friday night when it began to snake and flipped over.

The caravan, being pulled by a blue Volkswagen Passat, veers across the road and ends up on its side as the car spins 90 degrees.


No-one was injured but footage has appeared online showing the dramatic moment the driver lost control.

Stevan Hogg from Forfar, Angus, caught the incident on his dashcam at around 8pm.

The clip begins with a shot of the dual carriageway near the Petterden junction, which has a speed limit of 70mph.

The Volkswagen comes into view as it drives along the outside lane, and the mobile home can be seen snaking and swerving behind it as the driver fights to regain control.

The car loses control and begins to spin
The car loses control and begins to spin

It is unclear how fast the car was travelling, though the speed limit for cars towing a caravan is 60mph on a dual carriageway.

The car crosses into the inside lane and spins 90 degrees as the caravan hits the embankment, kicking up dirt and dust as it flips onto its side.

The mobile home ends up completely upside-down as it comes to a stop, with the car facing the wrong way up the road.

Luckily Mr Hogg reacted fast enough to slam on the brakes and prevent a further accident.

The caravan ends up upside-down on the busy road
The caravan ends up upside-down on the busy road

Emergency services attended the scene, and traffic was blocked on the southbound carriageway just four miles north of Dundee.

The caravan was destroyed during the accident, which left camping equipment strewn across the road and embankment.

Police confirmed that nobody was injured, and the wreckage was eventually removed from the busy road later that evening.

Mr Hogg shared the footage online with the caption: “Crash on Forfar to Dundee road yesterday.”

Concerned viewers said they “hoped everyone was okay”.

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