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NewsIdiot crook calls cops on 999 to ask for his height from...

Idiot crook calls cops on 999 to ask for his height from records

POLICE Scotland have received one of their most “idiotic” calls of all time – an ex-con asking them to tell him his height.

The unnamed caller said he “didn’t have a measuring tape” at home but thought police could help by checking his criminal record.

He called Police Scotland’s 101 number – reserved for non-emergencies and general enquiries – because he was “wondering” about his height.


The Police re-enacted the phone call from someone wanting to find out their own height
The Police re-enacted the phone call from someone wanting to find out their own height


The force even recorded a re-enactment of the call in a bid to deter time-wasters.

The 1-minute recording begins with a female call handler answering the phone and saying:

“Police Scotland. How may I help?”

The man on the other end of the phone says: “Hiya. Just a wee general enquiry.

“I’m wondering what height I am and I don’t have a measuring tape.

“Would you be able to look into my records please?”

The call handler replies: “A measuring tape?”

The man confirms: “Yeah, to check what height I am and I was just wondering because you’ll have it on your record won’t you?”

The handler says: “No, I can’t see any information about anybody on the phone unfortunately because I can’t verify who you are on the phone. I can’t give that information I’m afraid.

“I like your…it’s a good idea, but unfortunately I can’t.”

The man, who appears to be losing his patience, replies: “No, it’s nothing to do with a good idea. It was just, well, you have it on your file and I was wondering if you could give it to me.”

The call handler then asks for the man’s name, but he says: “I’m not telling you now because you’re making me look like an idiot.

“Thanks very much. Bye.”

The amusing call was shared on Police Scotland’s Facebook page with the caption: “Listen to the re-enactment of a call we received to 101 from a member of the public asking us what height they are.

“We’re always happy to help but sometimes we do receive irrelevant calls that waste time, like this one.”

The clip, which was uploaded on Sunday, has already been listened to 55,000 times and has attracted comments from ex-call handlers and angry Scots alike.

Joe Beaver said: “I spent five years working as a call handler for 999…the number of times I put through callers to Police and then heard them asking a stupid and pointless question was terrible.”

Sarah Tizard wrote: “I think they should name and shame every bloody idiot that would call for something this stupid.”

Another person added: “What a plonker…another chancer wasting police time.”

This is not the first time Police Scotland have received time wasting calls.

Back in 2013, they took to Twitter to name and shame some of the more ridiculous conversations that had played out over the phone.

In one instance, a thirsty Scot called 999 to ask where they could buy milk.

Another 999 caller complained about a fast food chain because they had been given a hamburger instead of a cheeseburger.

They even received a call from someone claiming their “friend had stolen their heroin”.

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