The moment cheeky stag photobombs lovely pic of Scottish mountain


THIS is the moment a cheeky stag photobombed an otherwise lovely snap of one of Scotland’s most iconic mountains.

Last weekend, Erin Garrett visited Glencoe in the Highlands to record the stunning scenery, including the majestic peak Buachaille Etive Mor.

Erin, who travelled 4,500 miles from the US, set up her shot and had framed the towering mountain to capture the perfect picture.

But just as she whipped out her camera, a ballsy stag came up to her and stuck his nose right in front of the lens.


The incredible snap of the photo-bombing deer
The incredible snap of the photo-bombing deer


And as a result, Erin captured a set of comical photographs showing the animal’s huge face, which appears to be smirking with glee.

The first snap shows the curious stag walking towards the camera, with his large antlers obstructing some of the view.

In the second picture he is much closer, and looks to be smiling directly into the lens.

A final photograph consists mainly of his wet nose and whiskers as he pokes his face right into the camera – almost “kissing” the lens and completely blocking the view in the background.

Erin, who is from Tulsa, Oklahoma, travels to Scotland every summer to tour and take photographs.


Erin had travelled 4,500 miles from the US
Erin had travelled 4,500 miles from the US


She shared the amusing sequence on Facebook with the caption: “Right – there’s my piccy of Buachaille Etive Mor photobombed.”

She said: “It was the funniest thing the way that stag kept flirting with me. He even kissed me!”

The hilarious snaps attracted dozens of comments from amused Scots across the country.
Lynda Savon wrote: “I love this – he’s smiling for the camera!”

Alex Sutherland said: “Photobomb level = genius.”

Lisa Provence added: “What a nosey beast.”

Deer in the area are notorious for being friendly and coming up to tourists – and this is not the first time they have photobombed the impressive mountain that people travel miles to see.

In 2014, Alison Neilly snapped a hilarious picture of a deer sticking its tongue out in front of the picturesque backdrop.

And another animal was filmed eating a KitKat out of a visitor’s hand – showing how docile they are.