Sam Heughan tipped to be the first “ginger” Bond – by William Shatner


SAM Heughan could give Damien Lewis a challenge for the title of first ginger James Bond.

Star Trek star William Shatner is touting the Scots actor as the next 007 because he is “tall, talented and good looking”.

Current front runners for role include Luther actor, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston, who played Jonathan Pine in The Night Manager.

But Shatner reckons the producers of the movie franchise should give the role to Heughan, making him the first ginger 007 – assuming he keeps the dyed red hair famous from his Outlander role.


Shatner believes that Heughan could be perfect for the role as 007
Shatner believes that Heughan could be perfect for the role as 007


He tweeted: “@007 Have I got a guy for you! Tall good looking, talented; no not me (but thank you) @SamHeughan is your next Bond. Look no further!”

In his reply to the American star, Heughan asked: “You could be Oddjob?”

Fans of the Scottish star have taken to Twitter to show their support for the idea.
@CindyKcav124 tweeted: “I totally agree. Mr Heughan is the ONLY CHOICE, for Bond…James Bond.”

@Artemisalnc agreed: “I love the idea of Sam been the next Bond!”

Whilst @WrigleyGuiness was particularly excited by the proposition, saying: “You’d be absolutely perfect Sam!! Best most sexy James Bond ever!!!”

It’s not the first time the pair have exchanged Twitter “banter”.

In February this year, Heughan suggested that Shatner had “had too much of that LA sun” after he suggested that a Scotch whisky was meant for him rather than the Outlander star.

The following month, the pair were at it again, this time talking about the dolls of their television alter-egos that fans could buy.

Heughan’s natural hair colour is “dark blond”, putting him at a possible disadvantage should the makers of the Bond movies want a ginger. Former front-runner for the role, Damien Lewis, is a natural redhead.