Hibees demand First Minister bans Rangers fans from Ibiza club following “drowning” bid


HIBS fans have backed a petition calling on Nicola Sturgeon to ban Rangers supporters from a famous Spanish beach club.

Outraged Hibees have set up an online page calling for the first minister to stop fans of the Glasgow club going to Ibiza’s Ocean Beach Club in the wake of a video which went viral on Tuesday.

The clip, which has been viewed thousands of times, shows Hibernian striker, Jason Cummings, jokingly being told to “get to f***” and shoved into a pool by a Rangers fan.

Despite the lack of any complaint from Cummings, outraged Hibees claimed it was a attempted “drowning” and set up the petition on change.org, which has so far attracted 113 signatures.

It comes just weeks after Rangers fans launched a petition to stop the Edinburgh club from competing in European competition next season, following violent scenes after Scottish Cup final between the two clubs.

Hibs recently won the Scottish cup in a historic - and troubled - event
Hibs recently won the Scottish cup in a historic – and troubled – event

The petition, led by Lee Baillie, is addressed to Nicola Sturgeon and “The People”, and titled: “Ban all rangers fans from Ocean Beach Club after their attempt to drown Jason Cummings”.

It reads: “Today a video emerged of Hibernian striker, resident can of beans opener, known for summoning the touch of an angel and looking a little like Pirlo, was assaulted and almost drowned by a Rangers FC fan.

“The attack was in retaliation to him scoring goals against Rangers.

“Merely doing his job. Please ban all Rangers fans from Ocean Beach Club so he can holiday without fearing for his life.”

The petition was set up late last night (Tues), not long after the video surfaced, and is still 87 short of their target of 200 signatures.

Many of the signatures on the petition have slammed the “disgraceful” behaviour at the exclusive resort, which charges up to £700 a night and attracts reality TV stars as well as footballers.

Gavin McGinley said: “They need dealt with, scum.”

Kenneth Harris echoed these sentiments by saying: “This disgraceful behaviour must stop.”

Alister MacLeod said: “Shocking behaviour from these morons. Just hope he’s ok and can go on and enjoy the rest of his holiday.”

Others had a more humorous take on the footage.

Gemma Fox said: “I’m signing because Jason’s hair got messed up and that is unforgiveable.”

Whilst Eduardo Hurtado said: “I am lead to believe Rangers fans were also responsible for increasing the sun temperature leading to Jason’s burnt chest. How low can they stoop?”

The video which prompted this petition was posted on social media on Tuesday.

It appears to show the Hibs’ player giving the ‘thumbs up’ to the camera, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the man with his arm round him is a Rangers fan.

The fan can be heard saying: “This is Jason Cummings. He scored a goal against Rangers. Get to f***”.

He then shoves the young striker into the pool behind them.

Hibs won the Scottish Cup for the first time since 1902 by beating Rangers in the final last May, a game Cummings played in.