The hilarious moment a panda-loving Penguin turns into a Breakaway


A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a sneaky penguin tried to make a run for it during Edinburgh Zoo’s famous penguin parade – to visit the pandas.

The footage shows the fugitive speeding up as he ventures away from his flock and waddles between the legs of observing parents and children.

Dozens of zoo keepers are then spotted frantically running after the Gentoo penguin – who has now disappeared round the corner.

The adventurous bird is then shown bundled under the arm of a female zoo keeper before being returned to his teammates in their enclosure.

The final shot shows the bird looking back towards the enclosure exit – looking less than impressed.

During the attempted escape, a member of staff is heard on a microphone saying: “We’ve had a runaway. There’s always one that makes a break for the gap.

“So we’re just getting that one back in. She’s got hold of it, we’re just going to bring it round.

“People always say ‘do you ever cuddle them’, do you ever pick up a penguin’, I don’t recommend it. they can be quite nippy hence him getting very distinct restraint force at the moment.

“It’s not looking too pleased, it will probably bite her later on.”

Richard Hopkins from Southampton captured the attempted runaway while visiting the zoo last month with his wife Leeanne and four-year-old son Harry.

He said: “It was quite quiet as it was a cold school day, so there weren’t enough people to fill the gaps in around the parade, which is how one penguin got away.

“It was running towards the exit of the Panda enclosure.

“The people stood where the penguin ran, were a little bemused and unsure what to do, I think everyone was.

“Once the penguin was captured, everyone was relieved and saw the funny side.

“The keeper’s had it all under control – one went after the escapee, the others made sure the main flock got back into the enclosure before running off to help.”

Edinburgh Zoo states the penguin parade is run on an entirely “voluntary basis” – leaving the decision up to the penguins on whether they want to venture out among the crowds.

Occasionally the parade gets cancelled if penguins decide they’re not feeling up to it.