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JK Rowling urges fans to stay away from sites leaking Potter play details

JK ROWLING has begged fans not to visit websites where the details of her new play are being leaked.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – JK Rowling’s first piece of writing about her magical world since the Harry Potter series finished – was performed for the first time on Tuesday night at a preview in central London.

The show does not officially begin its run until July 30 and the 1,500-strong preview audience at the Palace Theatre were asked not to spoil the show for others by revealing details.

But within minutes of the curtain going details of the play were being shared left, right and centre online – with news reviews containing heavy hints and even full summaries of the plot being published.

Now JK Rowling has taken to Twitter to point out sites where the much anticipated details of the play are being shared.

Rowling also started a hashtag of #KeepTheSecrets
Rowling also started a hashtag of #KeepTheSecrets

In a series of tweets to her 7.5m following on Twitter this morning, Rowling also urged fans to “keep the secrets” of the highly anticipated play.

In the first she said: “So, reaction to the first preview was wonderful. Feedback is fans really do want to keep the secrets for each other’s sake.”

Later on in the morning she tweeted: “If you don’t want Cursed Child spoilers, avoid Hypable.”

Hypable is a website devoted to news on various TV shows, films and books with diehard fans.

Their recent piece on Rowling’s play reveals some key details about major characters in the play.

Online many fans of Rowling’s fans were distressed at the prospect of the play being spoiled for them before they got a chance to see it.

One discussed the play, saying: “I am afraid of researching dates/more info about it because I’m afraid that spoilers will pop up.”

Another added: “I’m trying really hard to avoid it.”

Natasha Knoop said: “I’ve got just under month till I finally get to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I want to be surprised.”

One more fan of the magical franchise added: “Just accidentally read a spoiler. Gutted. Was looking forward to all the surprises.”

Another said: “There’s always someone out to ruin things, there’s no secrets!”

The play is split into two parts – the first of which was performed in previews last night.

There is currently an embargo on reviews for the play by news and arts outlets, but the 1,500 fans who saw the play last night gave it a standing ovation.

As the left they were given badges, asking them to “keep the secrets” of the plot.

The script will be published in July for those unable to see the play in London.

For those who can’t wait, here are some of the details which have been revealed so far.

The Hypable article revealed that Hermione becomes Minister for Magic – the head of the wizarding world – in her later years.

They also revealed that Harry Potter’s son Albus is put in Slytherin house – traditionally reserved for the “evil” characters in the series.

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