Zipwire woman dubbed Auntie Backflip following hilarious fail


A SCOT has been dubbed “Auntie Backflip” after a video emerged showing her spectacularly faceplant while attempting to use a children’s zipwire.

The hilarious 10-second-clip shows the middle-aged thrill seeker, known only as “Linda”, leaning back on the playpark ride as the speed picks up.

The suspended seat then comes to an abrupt halt as it bashes against the end bumper tyre – catapulting the woman into the air.

The footage then captures her doing a 360 degree flip before landing face first into the ground below while onlookers can be heard laughing.

She is then filmed lying motionless in the dirt before the video cuts out.

But despite the crash landing, onlookers said the woman dusted herself off and asked for a second go.

The footage was filmed in a park in Craigneuk, Wishaw, North Lanarkshire.

It has also been suggested that the lady on the zip wire may have been a little the worse for wear at the time.

The clip was shared on Facebook by Demi Hamilton who said: “She was fine. She got up and asked for another shot.”

It was later shared over various social media sites including one who wrote: “This lassies auntie came out steaming and asked for a shot of the zip wire.”

It has since been watched over 112,000 times and gained hundreds of comments.

Daniel John Cameron, from Wishaw, North Lanarkshire, wrote: “I was on the exact same zip slide today and nearly done the same.”

Davie Kerr said: “From that point on she was known simply as ‘Auntie Backflip’.”

And Kris Morrice wrote: “She doesn’t break shape. 360 degrees in pencil form.”