Rowling claims Leave campaign have “arrogance of mini-Trumps”


JK ROWLING has slammed the Leave campaign for having “the arrogance of a bunch of mini-Trumps”.

The Harry Potter author described Donald Trump as “fascist in all but name” in the piece on her own website.

Entitled “On Monsters, Villains and the EU Referendum” she set out her views on the Leave campaign and its most prolific supporters.

The title of Rowling's online post
The title of Rowling’s online post

And she went as far as to compare them to “mini Trumps” who “swear everything will be glorious…as long as we listen to them”.

She begins the piece by writing: “I’m not an expert on much, but I do know how to create a monster.”

After setting out the main arguments for each side, she warns: “Look towards the Republican party in America and shudder. ‘Make America great again!’ cries a man who is fascist in all but name.

“His stubby fingers are currently within horrifyingly close reach of America’s nuclear codes. He has the temperament of an unstable nightclub bouncer, jeers at violence when it breaks out at his rallies and wears his disdain for women and minorities with pride. God help America. God help us all.

Rowling shared the post with her Twitter followers
Rowling said she “didn’t think the EU was perfect”

“Of foreign leaders and would-be leaders, Trump is joined only by Vladimir Putin and [Marine] le Pen in urging Brexit upon the UK.”

She adds: “The Leave campaign is selling itself as the courageous option. Take a leap of faith, they say. Step off the cliff and let the flag catch you.

“With the arrogance of a bunch of mini-Trumps they swear that everything will be glorious as long as we disregard the experts and listen to them.”

She slammed the Leave campaign for having "the arrogance of mini-Trumps"
She slammed the Leave campaign for having “the arrogance of mini-Trumps”

She concludes: “No, I don’t think the EU’s perfect. Which human union couldn’t use improvement?

“Ignorant of what it gives us, we take the benefits of EU membership for granted. In a few days’ time, we’ll have to decide which monsters we believe are real and which illusory.

“Everything is going to come down to whose story we like best, but at the moment we vote we stop being readers and become authors.

“The ending of this story, whether happy or not, will be written by us.”

Her piece sparked an outpouring of support on Twitter from her fans.

Glen ReDavid wrote: “One of the most reasoned, thoughtful pieces I’ve read on this subject.”


Another said: “A fantastic piece and a reminder as to why you’re world renowned. Thank you for putting this into words. #Remain”.

Bahda Gazinga commented: “This is a stunningly beautiful piece. Here’s to many more years of being together. Cheers from Austria.”

Tony Smith added: “Trump in the White House scares me every bit as much as Voldermort did. Beautiful and passionate words.”

For the past few weeks, Rowling has been Tweeting her support for the Remain campaign and sharing articles with her followers online.

She joins the likes of Jeremy Clarkson, Eddie Izzard and Keira Knightly as influential British figures supporting the vote to stay in the EU.