Monday, May 16, 2022
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JK Rowling changes Twitter name to encourage “remain” vote

JK ROWLING has changed her Twitter name to show her support for the ‘remain’ campaign in the EU referendum.

The Scots author has changed her handle on the social media site from JK Rowling to JK RowlIN.

It appears the Harry Potter writer has made the change to show that she is firmly wants to stay ‘in’ the European Union.

The debate around Britain’s future in Europe has been characterised by those who wish to stay ‘in’ the EU or those who feel the country would be better off ‘out’.

JK Rowling's Twitter page
JK Rowling’s Twitter page

Millions of people across Britainare heading to polling stations to cast their vote today (Thurs) which will decide if the country remains as part of the union, which consists of 28 member states.

Her followers were quick to praise her name change.

@adumfoley said: “I love your new surname!! Did you change it to RowlIN legally?”

@SohoDoll spotted the change, saying: “Lmao I see what you’ve done with your Twitter name.”

Whilst @CoppingMisha said: “lovIN the subtle name change. #Remain #BetterTogether”.

Jk Rowling is one of a host of famous faces supporting the campaign to stay in the EU, along with the likes of David Beckham, Benedict Cumberbatch, Keria Knightley and Sir Patrick Stewart.

Whilst the likes of Joan Collins, Duncan Bannatyne and Katie Hopkins have come out in favour of the ‘leave’ campaign.

Rowling also changed her Twitter banner to a “Vote Leave” poster with the “e” and “a” replaced by a spray-painted “o” to read “Vote Love”.

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