Celebrity Australian goat launches campaign to replace Cameron


A CELEBRITY Australian goat has been put forward as David Cameron’s replacement.

Gary the Goat is an internet sensation – with over 1.5m Facebook friends.

He rocketed to fame after comedian Jimbo Bazoobi bought him for a pack of beer in 2011 and began touring Australia with him in tow.

Jimbo creates hilarious videos of his goat and his unique Aussi sense of humour – including scenes of the pair jetskiing, stranded in the outback and visiting a brothel – which have racked up as many as 1.8m views each.

But now his owner has put the five year old goat forward as the possible successor to David Cameron when he steps down in October.

Gary already has a worldwide fanbase
Gary already has a worldwide fanbase

In a message to his 1.7m Facebook followers Gary posted the message “Congratulations Britain!” – with an image of Gary wearing a sign reading: “Gary for PM – vote goat”.

The message has since been “liked” over 5,000 times – and has sparked a huge reaction among social media users at home and abroad.

Jon Taylor commented: “I hated him for his entire time in charge, but I’m gonna miss David Cameron when we’re stuck with Boris Johnson. Please bring Gary.”

Chris Watson – from Durham – added: “Bring the goat over, it has a good chance of winning an election.”

Brian Thiesz weighed in, saying: “He won’t do any worse than the two idiots that are running for PM.”

Gary has been the star of dozens of videos made by his owners.

One of the best-known features Gary putting his head inside the gaping jaws of a replica of the biggest crocodile ever caught – 8.3m long and two tonnes.

In the video Jimbo films the scene of Gary’s daredevil act, saying: “You couldn’t give a f**k could you Gary?”