Wednesday, May 25, 2022
EntertainmentComedian Limmy perfectly predicts Brexit results

Comedian Limmy perfectly predicts Brexit results

Scottish comedian Limmy has been hailed as the “messiah” after perfectly predicting the results of the EU Referendum.

Limmy tweeted on Wednesday morning – the day before polls opened – stating that 62% of Scotland would vote to ‘Remain’ in Europe, but that 52% of the UK would vote to leave.

The comedian, who rose to fame through his podcast, Limmy’s World of Glasgow, made the prediction as part of a 24-point forecast on Wednesday morning.

This morning, with the results of the EU referendum revealed, Limmy tweeted: “F***ing spot on prediction as usual.”

His followers were quick to proclaim him the “messiah” – but may be hoping that Limmy’s other 23 predictions will not come true.

One of his predictions has come completely true
One of his predictions has come completely true

They included claims that Scotland would become independent with him as its new leader – and he would offer Trump Britain as an air base.

He also claimed that the EU would offer Scotland nuclear weapons and that he would cause a nuclear apocalypse as a result.

His followers were quick to congratulate him on his apparent psychic powers regarding the election.

One follower tweeted: “Limmy is a f***ing fortune teller. He even got the UK and Scotland vote splits bang on.”

Another replied to him: “Tell us what to do now messiah!!”

Others questioned how confident he was about his other predictions.

One user replied to his prediction that he would become world leader, by saying: “Think the bookies will give good odds for this?”

Limmy’s prediction has outdone those of qualified pollsters and alleged clairvoyants.

YouGov’s final poll, released on June 22, showed a two point lead for the ‘Remain’ campaign.

Otto the Octopus, a Manchester Sea Life centre sea creature dubbed as ‘the Mystic Meg of the sea’, predicted a ‘Remain’ victory.

Otto is believed by many to be the successor to Paul the octopus, who correctly predicted several results at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

On Wednesday he was presented with two Lego blocks featuring a European and Union flag, before choosing the European one.

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