Social media users point out Brexit map looks like Maggie Simpson


SOCIAL media users have joyfully pointed out that the map of EU referendum results looks like Maggie Simpson.

Most election maps showing the results of yesterday’s vote cast “leave” areas in blue and “remain” in yellow.

But as the votes came flooding in last night the map began to resemble a family favourite cartoon figure – Maggie Simpson.

Scotland – which voted strongly in favour of staying – makes up Maggie’s head in the trademark yellow hue of The Simpsons characters.

Meanwhile the baby-blue stronghold of England makes up her “onesie” which she wears throughout the beloved show.

Other patches of yellow in Northern Ireland apparently make up her hand, waving at the viewer.

Keen-eyed voters thought they spotted a familiar pattern
Keen-eyed voters thought they spotted a familiar pattern

Images of the map – compared to Maggie Simpson – were being shared on social media throughout the night and into the early hours, when the final results were declared.

One user tweeted a picture of the EU Referendum results map in the early hours with the cartoon baby imposed on top, along with the caption: “It’s looking a little bit like Maggie Simpson right now.”

This is not the first time that social media users have suggested an election or referendum results map looks like the iconic cartoon character.

In May 2015, several social media users suggested that the general election results map resembled her.

Twitter users today were quick to draw upon the comparison between the two maps.

One user tweeted: “Maggie Simpson makes a comeback”

Another said: “Look, the UK map looks like Maggie Simpson again”.