Scots busker rewrites Simon and Garfunkel classic to lampoon Trump


A HILARIOUS video shows a Scots busker borrowing a Simon and Garfunkel classic to poke fun at Donald Trump.

Eric Gudmunsen, from Dundee, rewrote the duo’s 1969 hit The Boxer to lampoon Trump, making use of the famous “lie-la lie” chorus.

The clip, which shows Eric wearing an enormous blond toupe, was filmed in Killarney, County Kerry, and was uploaded to YouTube on Saturday.

Referencing Trump’s comments about building a wall to separate Mexico from the rest of the US, Eric sings: “Come one and all, just cast your vote for Donald and we’ll build that f****** wall.”

He then tells his amused audience any donations will be going towards a new conservatory that he will call “Trump Tower” because “Donald’s paying for it”.

He even dressed for the part
He even dressed for the part

Playing his electric guitar , he mocks the billionaire business mogul for his “haystack” hairstyle and references the 70-year-old Republican’s apparently “tiny hands”.

During the three minute clip, which has had almost 5,000 hits, the audience can be heard chuckling while one woman approaches him twice to give him money.

The rewritten version of The Boxer opens: “Hey, well my name is Donald Trump and I’m a huckster to the core/I’m an a****** and a shyster but I will never be a bore/and that’s why you love me.

“Come one and all/Just cast your vote for Donald and we’ll build that f****** wall.”

Eric then breaks out of the song to thank onlookers for dropping change into his guitar case quipping: “Thank you very much, it’s all going towards my election fund. Thank you very much guys.”

He adds: “Actually on a serious note guys, at the end of this summer my aim is to build a little conservatory on my house and I’m going to call it Trump Tower because Donald’s paying for it.”

Eric, who sports a Saltire sticket on his guitar, then sings: “There’s nobody quite like me/I’ve got such big huge plans/ with a haystack on my head down to my tiny little hands.

“And I’ve got great words/I flip and flop/and when my lips move It means I’m lying and I just can’t seem to stop.”

Reaching the chorus, Paddy sings: “Lie, lie, lie/lie, lie, lie, lie, lie , lie, lie – sing it guys – lie lie lie bulls***/lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie , lie, lie, bulls***.”

The three minute footage was posted by Kevin Harkin. One viewer wrote: “I love the Scottish for hating Trump. I could have listed to his hilarious songs all day.

“I think he deserves all the shares and publicity he can get.”