Queen gets more than she bargained for on visit to Scotland


THE Queen was handed a rather unusual gift on her visit to Scotland yesterday – a carrier bag full of toys for her great-grandchildren.

The moment a well-wisher handed over the white plastic bag with gifts for Charlotte and George has been caught on camera.

The offering was made after the Queen had opened Slessor Gardens in Dundee yesterday, when an excited on-looker handed over the ripped poly bag emblazoned with the logo of discount store, B&M.

The Queen is used to receiving gifts from dignitaries from around the world but it is thought that this is the first time they will have arrived in an old poly bag.

Only in Dundee...
Only in Dundee…

The photo was uploaded to social media last night with the caption: “The best moment of seeing the Queen today was, by far, auld Betty’s face when the wifey next to me handed her a ripped B&M bag with toys for George and Charlotte. Luckily I captured that moment.”

It has become an internet sensation, being shared hundreds of times on Facebook, with many users sharing their surprise at the photo and tagging their friends in the post.

Sophie Harrower said: “Oh, Dundee. I’m in bits at this hahaha.”

Sandra Drysdale commented: “Like they wains needs hand me downs lol.”

Whilst Nigel James joked: “Hope the receipt was still in there. She has 28 days to get a full refund. Will she go in person or send Kate?”

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were in Dundee yesterday for a day of engagements in the city, which included the opening of Slessor Gardens, which is part of a £1 billion redevelopment of the city’s waterfront.

B&M sell a wide range of goods, from homeware to toys and electrical goods, and say they “believe in selling big brands at sensational prices.”