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NewsEngland fans take video revenge on Wales Euro 2016 squad

England fans take video revenge on Wales Euro 2016 squad

ENGLAND fans have taken hilarious revenge on the Wales football team for their notorious celebration of the Three Lions’ exit from Euro 2016.

The clip shows fans wearing masks and strips for each member of the England squad, including manager Roy Hodgson, and even much-loved pundit Chris Kamara.

The “England” fans huddle around the TV watching Wales play Portugal and then leap from their seats and celebrate wildly as Chris Coleman’s side crash out 2-0.

Roy Hodgson’s impersonator starts to dance whilst the rest of the squad jump and punch the air whilst cheering, in scenes of mad celebration.


The fans donned masks of players in the England squad
The fans donned masks of players in the England squad


In a particularly funny moment, the video ends with the camera panning round the corner to show Welsh legends, Robbie Savage and Ryan Giggs, sitting dejectedly on the kitchen floor whilst stroking an inflatable sheep.

The video follows the emergence of a clip showing the real Welsh squad celebrating wildy in the moments after England’s shameful defeat by Iceland.

The video was posted on Facebook last night and has gone viral, amassing over 140,000 views in under 24 hours and picking up well over 1,000 shares.


Even much loved pundit Chris Kamara made an appearance - Unbelievable Jeff!
Even much loved pundit Chris Kamara made an appearance – Unbelievable Jeff!


Chris Bennett, 25, a marketing executive from Sussex, said he was inspired to make the video after watching the Wales team celebrating after England’s loss to Iceland

He said: “I couldn’t believe it really. It seemed so unprofessional.

“I know they tried to play it off like they were just happy because they saw England as a threat and we were knocked out but I don’t know if I believe that.

“So I just thought i’d make the video as a bit of fun.”

However, Mr Bennett admits that it was all plain sailing and took three takes before the final version was complete.

He continued: “It was hard to convince 13 of my friends to join in and get them altogether at my mate’s new flat in Horsham, near Gatwick airport.

“Luckily they did because i’d already spent £30 on cardboard masks and £5 on a blow up sheep.

“It took three takes to get it right. The first time we tried was against Belgium but they ended up winning that game and then the next time my mates stood up too soon before i’d started filming.

“I was worried after the Belgium game because I thought I was going to be left with all these masks and a blow-up sheep.”

Fellow Facebook users appreciated the light-hearted “banter”, with some Welsh fans taking the chance to have a pop back at their English counterparts.



Stuart Ottery said: “Class! From a Welshman with a sense of humour.”

Kieran Daniel commented: “Class act well done lads bit of banter.”

Sean Jeffreys said: “Class, just a bit of banter! Our team can be proud of what we’ve done in the Euros, roll on the World Cup!”

Whilst Anthony Howe made fun of England’s troubles at the tournament: “The England team tried to film themselves celebrating Wales losing but Kane got the shot wrong and Hart dropped the camera.”

And Craig Pollock managed to sum of the thoughts of a nation when he said: “Good banter! Try being a Scotland fan.”

Wales managed to reach to semi-finals of the tournament held in France this past month, surpassing the majority of people’s expectations of them.

Chris Coleman’s men finished above England in the group stage before the English team were knocked out by Iceland, which some have dubbed the country’s worst ever defeat.

The Euro 2016 final will take place this Sunday evening, as hosts France take on Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal in Paris.

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