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NewsNew videos appear to show drug abuse at T in the Park

New videos appear to show drug abuse at T in the Park

DISTURBING videos have emerged from T in the Park which appear to show evidence of widespread drug and alcohol misuse – before the first band take to the stage.

One video shows a man brazenly sniffing a line of a white powder in what appears to be the middle of the packed campsite.

The other shows a man helplessly calling out to ask if anyone has seen his tent – even though he is already inside his tent.

A third video showing a festival-goer falling around and lying on the ground after taking a mystery substance has also been shared.

Police have not ruled out a drug link to the separate deaths of a man and woman at the festival.

Some music fans are now calling for the music festival, which has been running since 1994, to be shut down completly as a result of drug abuse.

Last year’s festival was marred by drug abuse and the death of a 36-year-old man who was found dead in the toilets at the Strathallan Castle campsite.

And before a note has even been played at this year’s T in the Park, disturbing videos are appearing showing apparent substance abuse.

The first clip shows a young man sniffing a line of white powder from a box on his friends’ lap as his friends gather round him.

The camera zooms in as the powder is inhaled before the camera pans out to show one of his friends gurning and making odd faces.


Some have called for the festival to be stopped completely as a result of recent troubles
Some have called for the festival to be stopped completely as a result of recent troubles


The second recording features a man calling out to passers by from inside a tent and asking “have you seen ma tent?”

He appears to be under the influence of drink or drugs, appearing extremely disorientated, stumbling over words and slurring his speech as people snigger in the background.

The recording looks to have been taken in the dead of night as the festival goer struggles to distinguish between the inside of the tent he is in and the pitch blackness outside.

Another video shows a man in his late 20’s to early 30’s offering a group of boys a powdered substance while sitting around the campsite.

One boy can be heard saying, “no mate, I’m not on the gear” as the man wearing a fluroscent jacket keeps urging him to take some.

He is then shown sniffing it before the footage cuts to a scene where he lying on the ground barely able to keep his eyes open.

A third shot then shows him failing to stand up before rolling onto the grass.

The fresh footage comes just a day after a video showing a mass brawl between revellers at the Strathallan Castle campsite in Auchterarder, Perth and Kinross, went viral.

Some social media users have called for T in the Park to be closed down after yet another report of deaths and drug-related incidents at the festival.

Julie Law said: “A man and women have died on the first day, people selling illegal drugs people don’t get searched properly, it’s disgusting.

“These drugs are not safe at all, probs got rat poison in them the lot.

“Wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Shut down T in the Park once and for all I say!”

Lyndsay Buchan however, believes the blame lies with the individuals themselves instead of festival orgainisers.

She said: “All I’m seeing is T in the Park should be shut down and stopped.

“Everyone needs to stop blaming T for everything that happens, if you chose to go somewhere and get that drunk or that out your face on drugs, that’s your fault

“People get out there face and drunk on a daily basis nowadays, regardless if it’s at T or not.”

A spokeswoman for T in the Park confirmed Police Scotland are now investigating the video showing the man snorting what is believed to be cocaine.

She added: “We have a zero tolerance policy towards drugs. They are as illegal at T in the Park as they are anywhere else in the country.

“Anyone found with them at the event will be ejected and will face a criminal record. Our message to fans is always that they are dangerous and don’t take the risk.”

Alison Douglas, Chief Executive of Alcohol Focus Scotland said: “Every year there are stories of extreme drunkenness at T in the Park which puts the health, safety and enjoyment of all festival-goers at risk.

“It’s not surprising when alcohol is so widely available and promoted at the event.

Last year’s festival was plagued with serious problems in its first year at the new Strathallan Castle site in Auchterarder.

The weekend was marred by the death of 36-year-old man who was discovered in the toilets at the campsite.

A 22-year-old man was arrested after shocking footage emerged which appeared to show him swinging a glass bottle at another man’s head causing him to stagger off, holding his bleeding face.

Footage also emerged from the campsite last year which appeared to show a man rolling around uncontrollably whilst under the influence of drugs before a single note had been played.

There were six serious assaults at the 2015 event compared to one in each of the festival’s previous three years which it was reported police said could have been linked been linked to a hallucinogenic drug.

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