Teen who killed nurse in car told to “rot” in jail.


A TEENAGE driver who mowed down and killed a nurse appeared to boast about being chased by police a month before the tragic accident.

Dylan Jenkin posted a picture showing headlights and blue lights in a rear view mirror.

He wrote on April 12, a calendar month before the fatal accident, “Still catch nowt.”

A pal responded: “Cos they r mongos.” Jenkin added: “Four wheel drive was better.”He also posted “police emojis” with the words: “Gets nippy like the 10th time.”

Jenkin, 18, who is thought to be from the Portobello area of Edinburgh, on Monday admitted causing the death of Jill, 33, by dangerous driving.

But Jenkin, who killed mother-of-one Jill Pirrie as he was chased by police, was still enjoying the sympathy of friends on Facebook who told him to keep his “chin up”.

But the messages prompted other social media users to tell the 18-year-old to “rot” in jail.

Jenkin faces a lengthy sentence
Jenkin faces a lengthy sentence

Chillingly, Jenkin’s last post on his Facebook account was on May 11 this year – the day before the crash – when he changed his profile picture to one of him astride a motorbike.

But after Police Scotland posted a message online about Jenkin’s conviction, his friends took to his Facebook account to back him.

One tagged Jenkin and told him “Chin up” while another wrote: “Heed up mate.”

The messages of support were greeted with disbelief by many.

Leanne Mears – scorned responded: “Chin up? He has left a child without his mother! I hope the wee c*** rots”

In response, one of Jenkin’s friends lept to his defence: “I get where people are coming from – yeah, an innocent woman was killed, but it’s not like he meant for it to happen.”

He also said: “Everyone has their own opinion, but only four people actually know what happened that day.”

Others also reacted incredulously to the news that friends are defending Kenkin online.

Reacting to the Edinburgh police post announcing the news of his conviction, Emma-Louise Wylie said: “Happily put my hands up to say I’ve been nosy and searched his name of Facebook but found a few ‘children’ posting chin up mate to him. Think they are disgusting vile human beings, hope he gets every deserved to him!”

Maria Kelly added: “Have no clue why people are supporting him! His stupid actions cost an innocent woman her life, and made a wee boy lose his mum.

“I don’t care if he never meant it, he should’ve been abiding by the law and it wouldn’t have happened! He needs to face the consequences and he shouldn’t be babied about it.”

Comments in support of Jenkin appeared throughout the day on his Facebook profile.

The page features numerous pictures of him riding numerous motorbikes. Jenkin, who is due to be sentenced in August, reveals he attended Holy Rood RC High School, Edinburgh,