Ewan McGregor can’t resist Trainspotting Twitter joke


TRAINSPOTTING star Ewan McGregor was left confused after tuning into BBC Four’s ‘Trainspotting Live’ last night.

Instead of seeing Spud, Renton and Sick Boy’s live escapades around Edinburgh, the film star watched a team of train enthusiasts report live from British railways.

McGregor, who is currently filming the sequel to the cult classic filmed in 1996, joked that none of the people in the show were “on the skag” – a slang term for heroin.

The BBC Four show, presented by veteran broadcaster Peter Snow, focuses on rare trains from around the UK – a far cry from the widespread drug use and chaos seen in the movie of the same name.


The film star couldn't resist a quick joke
The film star couldn’t resist a quick joke


Tweeting to his 989,000 followers last night, McGregor said: “Watching this Trainspotting Live show on BBC4 likesay but nun á these punters are on the skag likes. What’s goin oan?”

Some of his followers also joked that they were duped into watching the TV show.
@SinbadBrookie replied: “Been watching it all week just to see Spud s*** the bed, feel terribly let down.”

@ellie_ST said: “When I first saw the name I thought it was the play being shown live.”

@blueleader80 made reference to the film’s famous ‘choose life’ quote when he joked: “They chose not to choose life. They chose something else…”

The ‘Trainspotting Live’ show courted controversy earlier this week when it was revealed they failed to acknowledge that a clip showing a diesel train was in fact five months old.

The BBC admitted the show went slightly off the rails when presenter, Peter Snow, failed to point out that the footage was not live as suggested on screen.

McGregor was spotted alongside his Trainspotting 2 co-stars yesterday as they recreated the chase scene along Princes Street in Edinburgh.

The film is set to be released in January 2017.