Idiot driver puts trampoline on roof


AN IDIOT motorist has been caught on camera – driving in central Edinburgh with a huge trampoline balanced on top of their car.

The picture was taken on North Bridge – one of the main routes through the city centre – on Monday.

In the picture a blue Renault can clearly be seen with a massive 10ft wide trampoline on its roof.

The trampoline is attached only with a few bungee cords – with the main body hanging over the edge of the roof, in the way of other traffic.

It also appears as though the trampoline is obscuring the view of the driver, as it is partially obscuring some of the vehicle’s windows.

The trampoline was only attached by a few flimsy cords
The trampoline was only attached by a few flimsy cords

North Bridge is also known as one of the windiest roads in the city – as one portion of the route passes on a bridge elevated over the city, with harsh gales coming in off the Firth of Forth.

If the wind had caught the garden toy, it could have flown from the roof of the vehicle and caused havoc in the traffic.

It is understood that trampolines such as this can be dismantled in order to be transported.

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers – who obtained the picture – said: “For a trampoline of this size and weight to be strapped on to the roof of a car with just a few bungee cords doesn’t look safe at all.

“If a cord snapped and it fell off the roof, there would almost certainly be a collision or injury to pedestrians.

“Given the potential risks involved a van would have been a much better option given that they can be hired cheaply enough.”

Police say the incident has not been reported to them.