Funnymen raise laughs and cash during UK’s highest-ever comedy gig


BRITAIN’S highest comedy gig was held last weekend, as various funnymen performed stand-up routines on top of a mountain in the name of charity.

‘Summit Funny’ was held 1083 metres (3553 ft) above sea level, on Schiehallion, one of Scotland’s most famous peaks.

Award winning Scottish comedians Gary Little, Chris Forbes and Alan Anderson, performed their ten-minute routines at the summit of the mountain to raise funds for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.


The gig is thought to be the highest ever comedy show held in Britain
The gig is thought to be the highest ever comedy show held in Britain


Over 50 comedy fans braved the two and a half hour climb and 5 degree C temperatures to watch the stand-up performances, helping to raise nearly £1,500 so far.

One of the comics involved even had to explain to bemused American tourists that it wasn’t normal to be given beers and comedy at the top of Schiehallion.

This year’s attempt beat their previous record by 109m, when they performed on top of Ben Lomond, Scottish Highlands.

One of the performers, Gary Little, said the group had no plans to stop and are aiming to take their performances even higher, to Britain’s highest peak – Ben Nevis.


The event was in aid of the Glasgow Children's Hospital
The event was in aid of the Glasgow Children’s Hospital


He said: “I’ve climbed quite a few munros in my time so that’s where the idea came from. It’s something a little different and novel to do the UK’s highest comedy gig and to make some money for charity.

“There was well over 40 people who were there to see us, many of them who had made the climb with us as a group.

“We’ll do it again next year and try and go slightly higher until one year we get to Ben Nevis and can’t go any further.”

He continued: “I’ve played in wee pubs and even jails before, but it’s not everyday you get to perform at the top of a mountain.

“There was no rain but it was very windy so we all had to crouch down a bit.

“I had to explain to an American tourist that this wasn’t normal. You don’t usually get beer and comedy at the top of a mountain over here.”

One of the performers, Chris Forbes, regularly volunteers as a play leader in the Glasgow Children’s Hospital Schiehallion ward.

Workers from Harviestoun Brewery joined the climb and donated cans of their Schiehallion Lager to audience members at the summit.

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